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   Chapter 107 The Casting Master Of Inferior Mortal Level

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The voice was unmistakable. It was none other than Elder Samuel's.

As a powerful demi-immortal, Elder Samuel had definitely sensed Ricky's arrival.

"Come with me to greet my master first!" Bertha beckoned, heading inside.

The three of them went to meet Elder Samuel.


"Aside from Olivia and Bertha, Ricky is perhaps the only disciple of the Snow Sect to be treated so well by our master!" Some casting disciples began to talk about Ricky enviously, watching him enter the house.

"If you are able to achieve to the extent that Ricky did, I think our master might also think highly of you and even be warmer to you day by day."


Ricky, Edgar, and Bertha arrived at the small, humble room where Elder Samuel sat on the cattail hassock with his legs crossed.

"Elder Samuel!" Ricky and Edgar greeted, bowing with great respect.

"Come over here and have a seat!" Elder Samuel smiled at the presence of the young warriors.

"I've heard that you are here to look for Olivia. What is the matter? Why do you want to meet her?" Elder Samuel asked, shooting a pointed glance at Ricky. It was obvious that he had gotten the wrong idea that Ricky had a personal interest in Olivia.

"I want to..." Ricky started. He did not hide anything, telling Elder Samuel about his purpose.

"You two plan to establish a faction? Ricky, are you planning to persuade Olivia to join you by taking advantage of the skills in your manual?" Bertha said in disbelief.

Of course, she didn't look down upon Ricky, but she just found it hard to believe that Ricky and Edgar were capable of founding a faction especially in considering how controversial Ricky was in the sect.

However, Elder Samuel was interested in Ricky's plan. To be exact, he had a great interest in Ricky's manual, for he had determined that the manual that Ricky practiced must be quite extraordinary.

"Ricky, when you meet Olivia to talk about the casting skills, will you let me be present?" Elder Samuel asked earnestly.

"Master, do you really believe in these two guys?" Bertha asked, with surprise on her face.

"Since you are so kind in giving us some advice and knowledge, we're glad to have you with us of course," Ricky said to Elder Samuel, agreeing with his request.

He also guessed Elder Samuel's motives.

He knew that if he could use the manual to attract Elder Samuel, there would be a good chance that Elder Samuel might be willing to support his faction. If so, it was good for their fact

was at the Mortal Level, overwhelmed with glee. For a moment, it was as if he had forgotten his initial intention of going to Olivia.

Elder Samuel also scrutinized Ricky's saber and was even more shocked once he determined that it was indeed a long saber of Mortal Level.

He was sure that no one taught Ricky to cast weapon before. As he sat there staring, thoughts raced in his head. Since Ricky had only relied on his own comprehension to forge a weapon and become a casting master, the chances that he was really a genius in the aspect of casting were quite high.

For several moments, Elder Samuel gazed awestruck at Ricky, as if he was looking at a valuable gem.

Olivia and Bertha were still in a state of shock, stunned beyond belief.

But poor Edgar seemed not to have an idea just what Ricky's actions meant, a vacant look on his face.

"Ricky, would you like to be my disciple? I'll try my best to pass on all my casting skills to you," Elder Samuel finally spoke, gazing meaningfully at Ricky.

Obviously, he was tremendously excited. But even greater than this was his eagerness to have Ricky, the casting genius, become his disciple.

Ricky was stunned by these words, thinking that it was an outcome that had not been the initial purpose of his visit today.

Bertha and Olivia were also flabbergasted, wondering whether Elder Samuel, the casting master of Demi-spirit Level, truly wanted Ricky to be his disciple.

But once they recalled Ricky's impressive performance earlier, they wholly understood why Elder Samuel had been so quick and determined to offer Ricky a spot as his disciple. The choice was up to the genius now...

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