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   Chapter 106 Zenith's Advice

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"What? You want to establish a faction!? Ricky... That's... that's a very dangerous and bold idea!" Edgar blurted out, his eyes opening wide. He was shocked at Ricky's plan.

Establishing a faction was by no means an easy task. Managing, organizing, and strengthening it was also extremely vital. The Refinement Faction and the Casting Faction were backed by demi-immortals, and the Amber Faction also had the support from a mysterious figure. All of them had powerful backers. That was also why these factions were able to grow so strong and thrive! No one dared bully their disciples. All Ricky had was Grace's support. But now he was thinking of establishing a faction! He was really something else!

"Yes, you are right, Edgar... I know I don't have much support from powerful figures. That's why I came to see Autelan. He is strong. I need him." Ricky nodded and acknowledged with a determined look.

"Hey, buddy! Count me in!" Edgar unexpectedly proposed as a determined light flashed through his eyes.

"I appreciate your support, Edgar. Really, I do. But I suggest you think this over carefully. Once you are in, you will become the enemy of the Casting Faction and the Refinement Faction. They will dislike you just because you joined me and things will get hard." Ricky was surprised when Edgar volunteered to join him. He was a bit touched by his support, but knew he had to make things clear so Edgar would know better about the difficulties he might face if he chose to join him.

"I know what you mean, and I appreciate that you are considerate enough to make it clear. But I've made my decision. I want to help my master, and to become good friends with you," Edgar said straightforwardly without any hesitation. Of course, he knew the dangers of taking Ricky's side. But he also truly believed that Ricky would be a true, loyal friend.

"Ha-ha! Okay then, Edgar!! Let's go and find Autelan. Remember, please help me persuade him! That's our main priority now. Otherwise, we might not be able to establish our faction. And even if we manage to found one, it would be a weak one without any powerful backup. The other factions would bully us," Ricky said, his heart warming at their conversation. Having one more friend would always be entertaining and inspiring, especially when they were planning to do great things together.

"Yes, I understand. But probably it's going to be a little bit difficult to convince Autelan. He has shown to be apathetic about fame and glory. I've never seen him compete in any competition," Edgar said in a worried tone.

"It doesn't matter. We must try first. We'll never know his take on things until we get started!" Ricky replied with confidence.

"Hmm You have a point. Alright then, let's go and talk to him when he finishes cultivating," agreed Edgar.

Autelan did not finish his cultivation in seclusion until five whole days later. Ricky and Edgar patiently waited, eager to talk to the renowned warrior.

When Autelan was told that they would like to come and talk to him, he welcomed them into his room.

Ricky and Edgar were flattered to be invited into his room. As they entered, Ricky greeted Autelan, asking him whether he had succeeded in the breakthrough. He remembered that Autelan went out for training last time, in order to find a way to break through to Bone Reinforcement

ng Olivia Bing and Autelan's feelings for her was the furthest help he could give.

"It's indeed a profound one. And I'm still working on it, Chief Zenith," Ricky said compliantly.

"Boy, don't try to play me. I'm not interested in your manual," said Zenith crossly at Ricky's unwillingness to talk about the manual. He was an elder with rich experience who would never feel jealous of what his disciples had.

"Olivia Bing is a disciple of Elder Samuel. She is practically obsessed with casting. If you are willing to share your manual with her, I'm sure everything will go smoothly.

Do you understand?" Zenith said.

"Yes, Chief Zenith," Ricky replied, now understanding why Zenith had asked about his manual.

"I'm not saying that you should give the manual to her. All you need to do is share some of your experiences or suggestions to her. I think that would be enough. She would gladly talk about it with you," Zenith said to appease Ricky's hesitation.

"So, where can we find her, Chief?" Edgar asked.

"She is in Elder Samuel's place, of course." That was the last piece of information that Zenith felt like offering them. He immensely liked these two disciples, but in no way would he spoonfeed them.

"I got it. Thank you, Chief. You've helped us a lot. We're going to find her now," Ricky said, bowing gratefully. Edgar did the same.

Immediately, the two friends headed for Elder Samuel's courtyard.

Elder Samuel's disciples greeted them enthusiastically the moment they arrived.

Bertha emerged from her room and teased Ricky, "What are you doing here? Trying to see how we practice casting? You greedy guy."

"It's good to see you too, Bertha. But sadly, I've got some other business today!" Ricky replied with a smile.

"Oh? What's that? Is there anything I can help you with?" she asked curiously.

"I'm afraid not, unless you quit the Amber Faction."

"What do you mean? Why?" Bertha asked, alarmed.

"Hee-hee. Bertha, is Miss Olivia Bing here? There's something we'd like to discuss with her. You'll find out why when we meet her," said Ricky, keeping her guessing.

"Ricky, is that you? You came here and you dare not come inside to greet me first!?" a voice boomed from inside.

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