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   Chapter 105 Ready To Build A Faction

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"Good to see you all! Chief Zenith, Dominant Top Elder and other Elders!" Ricky said politely as he was suspended in midair by Zenith's power.

Ricky felt contented at their shocked faces, especially the dismay on Boris' and Elder Logan's face.

It was certain that these people had completely expected that he would end up dead. But now he had returned, safe and sound. It was easy to see they were so astonished.

"Ricky, how come you're not dead!?" Elder Evan and other Elders asked in disbelief, their eyes wide open.

"Do you all want me dead so badly?" Ricky responded with a faint smile. His eyes swept over Boris, who looked utterly displeased.

"Ha-ha, well like I've observed before. Since you have mastered the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula, there was no way you would die at the Blizzard Cliff!" Elder Mateo laughed, reacting first.

"Ricky, please tell us how did you survive these past two months?" Elder Abbott was very curious.

"I luckily found a cave, which was too small for the fierce beasts to enter. So I survived there," Ricky answered with a smile.

"A cave? You were so fortunate!"

"All right. Since Ricky has returned unharmed, I think we should start leaving the Blizzard Cliff," Zenith said to the Elders at that time.

Then Zenith, Ricky and several Elders left first. Boris and the three others remained.

"Dominant Top Elder, it's impossible! There have never been caves on the Blizzard Cliff!" Elder Logan said indignantly.

"I know. Zenith must have given Ricky something to help him survive. I should have thought about that!" Boris said angrily.

"But it's no big deal. He's just a Blood Purification warrior, after all! Zenith is not in control of everything. It's not the end of our plans. As for his real strength, only time will tell.

What you should do now is to recruit more disciples, especially core disciples and disciples at a high grade of Blood Purification! Focus on this!"

"Yes, understood." Elder Logan and the two others nodded.


The moment Ricky stepped foot in the Snow Sect, everyone who saw him lost their minds.

They hadn't expected that Ricky would s

h appreciated!" Ricky responded quickly, smiling widely.

"Of course. But you must understand that I will only do it upon condition that you can accomplish your goal. Autelan returned the other day. Now, maybe he is cultivating on the Zenith Mountain. You have to seize the chance, otherwise he will be nowhere to be found for months on end once he finishes," Grace warned Ricky.

"Master Grace, get yourself ready to help me convince the core disciples. I will go find Autelan now!"

And so, this was how Ricky came to the Zenith Mountain once again.

"Ricky, why are you here?" Edgar asked in confusion at the sight of their unexpected visitor.

"Edgar, where does Autelan commence with his cultivation?" Ricky asked.

"In the side room in the east. He will probably take a few more days to finish. You can go home, and I will send word to you the moment he's done," Edgar suggested.

"Thank you for the offer, Edgar! But if it's possible… Do you think I could stay here and wait instead? Don't drive me away, please!" Ricky said.

"Oh, of course! I would be happy to have you here!" Edgar was very excited, because he was keen to learn from Ricky and compare notes. Even if he lagged far behind Ricky now, there was no envy for Ricky in his heart.

"Ricky, what have you come to Autelan for?" Edgar asked curiously.

Ricky sat him down and proceeded to tell Edgar his plans, not hiding anything from his friend.

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