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   Chapter 104 The Dwelling of Fire and Ice

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 10081

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A shocking swell of greenery filled the landscape, its overgrown weeds curling around tall and broad shafts of cone-bearing trees that significantly made up most of the topography. It was a stark contrast to the lifeless cold that pervaded the rest of the Blizzard Cliff; snow and ice showed no signs of accumulating and destroying the growing foliage with their heavy debris.

Ricky almost collapsed in relief upon arriving at the revitalizing view.

He was understandably ragged. His clothes were torn and barely hanging on as cover to his almost naked self. It failed its purpose as a meager attempt to fill him with warmth against the harshness of the perpetual winter. The force of roaring flame inside his body became the driving source in keeping his temperature within normal levels.

He had spent three whole days in the Blizzard Cliff, and in that short span of time, all he could do was run for his life.

Perseverance and stubbornness were the traits that saved him countless of occasions in the face of the never-ending dangers he had to go through.

The fierce predators lurking the unmanned grounds possessed a potency that were unmatched by most. They would have certainly been Boris' first suspects if Ricky were to disappear without a trace after his two-month excursion.

Fortunately for Ricky, he had survived and was now about to enter the Land of Opportunity Zenith had advised him to seek with haste.

He rushed to cross the threshold, fully aware that he could not stand another minute idling in the Blizzard Cliff any longer.

"There are so many coniferous trees and weeds! This must be the place where Chief Zenith called the Land of Opportunity!" Ricky muttered as he looked around in awe.

He twirled in a slow, full circle, quietly observing the scene before him until his eyes caught sight of a stone tablet nearly obscured by its surrounding shrubs. He approached it and bended a knee to read the inscribed text: The Dwelling of Fire and Ice.

A tiny narrow hole was situated on the right side of the plague, seemingly able to accommodate the size of only one individual.

"That's right. I've come to the right location!" Ricky beamed, unable to contain his excitement.

Zenith had told Ricky that the Dwelling of Ice and Fire was the birthplace of the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula.

Legend had told time and time again, that a strong warrior without the spiritual meridian had once wandered in the Dwelling of Fire and Ice and honed his skills to an extent that led him to create the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula. Ricky stumbling upon the origins of the famous tale paved a great opportunity for him to grasp. As long as he had great comprehension skills, he would definitely evolve his Nine-degree Body Refining Formula by leaps and bounds inside this Dwelling of Fire and Ice.

Ricky exhaled as he steadied himself in preparation to walk in the narrow passageway.

The entrance was restricting, and so Ricky had not expected that the tunnel would eve

for his own benefit in the future. After all, if he had tried to extort all its power, he would unnecessarily make radical changes to the Blizzard Cliff.

"I will come back again!"

Ricky swore, casting one last stare behind him before he proceeded to move out of the cavern.


The sky of the Blizzard Cliff became a domain to its busy visitors. This time, not only Zenith had come, but also Boris and the other nine Elders who had been waiting for Ricky's return.

"Chief, our minds have searched the Blizzard Cliff for almost ten times. There's not even a shadow of Ricky in sight; he must've died here." Boris dramatically mourned, "Even the real peak warriors in the Blood Purification are not capable of staying here for half a month."

His eyes betrayed his supposed sincerity upon delivering the news. A little boy like Ricky, who's maximum skill matched a seven-stage warrior in the Blood Purification, would have absolutely perished after two months in the Blizzard Cliff.

His barely concealed sneers were shared by the others. Elder Logan, Elder Ronald and Elder Harris all sported a faint smirk; sharing the same mindset as him.

Only Elder Evan and the rest truly cared for Ricky's well-being.

Ricky was the only disciple in the Snow Sect who could cultivate the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula after a thousand years. As of now, a random disciple name Phil caused this plight. Coupled with the knowledge that Ricky could have passed away by now, they were all driven with bitter resentment in their hearts.

Zenith did not care of this matter and concentrated his mind on the area of the Dwelling of Fire and Ice.

A trace of a smile appeared on Zenith's mouth after a brief moment at his findings. His spiritual energy started to surge, much to the group's surprise, and transformed into a huge hand that darted towards its targeted direction.

It returned at once and released Ricky's figure;

rendering all the elders dumbfounded and in a state of disbelief.

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