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   Chapter 103 Dangerous Blizzard Cliff

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"Grace's father, Boris, was of the same clan as mine. Grace's father and I, we were as close as brothers even without the blood relations that has long faded after numerous years," Ricky hummed in acknowledgement, realization dawning upon him and soothing his puzzled expression the more Zenith explained the circumstances.

"So that's why Grace is so 'rude' to me."

"I understand it now," Ricky lightly nodded in affirmation.

"Hurry and get out, explain this to Grace at once! I worry that she'll end up destroying my yard at this rate!" Zenith glared playfully while Ricky stood still.

"Got it, Chief!"


The Blizzard Cliff was situated at the west of the Snow Sect. Much like its name, it was the home to freezing cold temperatures of breezes emitted by the countless icebergs residing in its region; a frozen terrain that went on for thousands of miles.

It would have been the same monotonous picture of a barren landscape, if it weren't for the curious difference of a certain solitary cliff that was visible only to eyes observing from a higher summit. Its mass was huge; highlighted by the seemingly fathomless abyss that set it apart from the others.

Icy winds burst through the gaping hole every now and then. It enclosed the precipice in tendrils of wind that pranced around its sphere, triggering the constant shifting of its shape after every passing moment.

Blocks of ice slid off its smooth surface while some materialized in varying areas to carve its new form;

a majestic and magical scene only to be expected from the Blizzard Cliff.

Despite the enchanting image, the infamous place was known for its ruthless nature. The harsh environment was infested with poisonous insects and wild beasts that chased away even warriors who aimed to hone their cultivation base.

No one was safe when placed around the perimeters of the zone. The chasms prevented anyone from escaping its frightening grip. Only demi-immortals were able to flee, given their overwhelming strength and power.

And so, the Blizzard Cliff became a dreaded prison for disciples who had committed the gravest and most unforgivable sins. Their numbers were few; making up only more than ten criminals in all the history of Snow Sect, with no tales of any exiled individual surviving past a little over half a month at most.

It was no wonder that the people who had heard of Zenith's tasked excursion for Ricky deemed it as a mere ploy to kill off the disciple. His expected date of return had been set two months from now; a nightmare only the bravest fools would wholeheartedly accept.

Ricky had not backed down from the challenge. His mind was already set, even as he took in the intimidating

f collapsing sleet, the noise jolting him in alarm. He had seemingly evaded the first catastrophe by sheer luck, but the fast pace of condensing ice on the other side of the crumbling snow

made him recognize the peril he would be soon in if he had continued to stand there idly.

"So this is the Blizzard Cliff… Nevermind two months, with the perpetual pitfalls, I can't even survive for three or four days!" his eyebrows furrowed in worry.

Not even an hour had passed since his arrival and he had already faced a great number of drawbacks. He could only imagine what was in store for him in the whole duration of his stay here.

But what Ricky ignored was Elder Logan shown in the sky at this moment.

"Seems like Chief Zenith kept his word - he really did send Ricky to the Blizzard Cliff," the judging gaze reflected Elder Logan's overflowing killing intent for Ricky.

"You little bastard, you won't be able to survive the torment,"

he huffed out a short, mocking laugh.

As long as he and Boris kept an eye on those Elders and Zenith, no one could help Ricky out of the savage field. He would end up dying alone with no one to depend on.

Elder Logan's manic grin had appeared to be permanent the longer he watched Ricky's doomed fate. With one last glance at the suffering boy, he left the scope in high spirits.

Ricky persevered through the endless assaults of varying barbaric beasts in the following days, just as what Elder Logan had initially thought and took joy in.

However, it was the unnatural climate that kept Ricky standing on the tips of his toes. The change was always spontaneous, therefore he could never take a break from the exhausting and suicidal voyage.

Fortunately for him, after the fourth day of unrest, he had found the Land of Opportunity at last.

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