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   Chapter 102 The Blizzard Cliff

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"Screech!" The Demonic Ape died, its head neatly cut off. The whole square stopped in its tracks, mouths open in shock.

Was it even possible?

The Demonic Ape who was at the peak of the sixth grade of Blood Purification could easily stand up to a warrior at the seventh grade of Blood Purification. When Ricky killed Phil, his power at the third grade of Blood Purification had already stupefied most of them.

But again, the powerful Demonic Ape had been so easily slain by Ricky just now!

What were the bounds of his power? Did Ricky cultivate so frequently that it was akin to eating and drinking for him? Was Ricky's spiritual meridian really incomplete like he claimed?

All these previously impossible speculations crossed their minds.

The disciples were not alone in their shock. Zenith, Boris and nine Elders were all deeply stunned by this scene. In all their years, they had never encountered someone like Ricky.

For what seemed like an eternity, the whole square froze in total silence.

The tremendous silence was not broken until Ricky's voice rang out.

"Dominant Top Elder, have I now proven that I am much stronger than Phil ever was?" Ricky said seriously as he stood tall, the Iron Destroyer in his hand. He looked at Boris directly.

"Huh!" That was all Boris could manage to say.

Boris, as an innate spirit, didn't want to break his word in front of many disciples of the Snow Sect. So he announced that Ricky was now free to go.

In this way, Ricky finally got himself out of trouble to live for another day.

Now, the warriors of Casting Faction and Refinement Faction, as well as the three Elders who had voted against Ricky all looked sullen. They were furious with the turn of events. They had Boris, the innate spirit, with them! Yet Ricky still managed to live to see another day.

"Boy, you are so strong! Why don't you tell Elder Abbott in advance? We worry about you in vain!" rang Zenith's voice in Ricky's head.

Ricky looked down, trying not to start laughing at the chief's admonishing message.


"The gap between Ricky and I has now grown even wider," Edgar said, gazing admiringly at Ricky.

"You have a parti

tion who go there, they only narrowly escape with their lives," Zenith chuckled.

Upon hearing this, Ricky couldn't help but shiver as he imagined the dangerous conditions of the Blizzard Cliff.

Ricky knew finally why Boris became so happy while Elder Evan and other Elders had looked immediately worried when Zenith had proposed his idea for Ricky's punishment.

"Chief, do you have another intention behind this decision?" Ricky asked carefully.

"Ha-ha, so smart you are, boy!" Zenith laughed, his eyes twinkling.

"There are two reasons." Zenith continued, "The first is to make appease Boris and his disciples. Once you go to the Blizzard Cliff, they expect you to die there. It's supposed to let their guards down. Besides, after saving your life, an easy punishment would have caused many disciples to think that I support you blindly regardless of the rules.

As for the second reason, you have a chance in the Blizzard Cliff..."


"Zenith, come out!" The angry voice interrupted the sect chief.

It was, of course, Grace, standing angrily in the courtyard with Heather at her side.

Ricky was surprised. He wondered what had provoked Grace to call Zenith in this manner. Zenith was the sect chief after all! Wasn't she afraid of offending him?

"Ha-ha, Grace is here to cause me trouble for sending you to the Blizzard Cliff!" Zenith laughed amicably.

This only made Ricky feel even more confused. What was going on?

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