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   Chapter 101 I’m Superior To A Summation Of 100 Phil

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 9837

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When Elder Logan came back, Boris's people immediately carried three cages made of cast iron. Elder Logan inspected the cages and then he locked three ferocious beasts into them.

"Boris, what are you up to?" Zenith asked indifferently.

Boris turned to Zenith and stated, "Chief Zenith, I remember that this disciple claimed his strength is no less than that of a summation of one hundred Phil. So according to my estimation, the strength of one hundred Phil who is at the third grade of Blood Purification is nearly the same with a beast at the sixth grade of Blood Purification." He paused for a little while as if in deep thought before he added, "So I found these three beasts at the sixth grade of Blood Purification for this disciple to choose one and compete with.

If he manages to defeat anyone of these beasts at the sixth grade of Blood Purification, it only proves that he deserves your fostering efforts. But if he doesn't, he will have to repay the debt of his killing with his life. It would be a fair deal, don't you think so? Just like how the saying goes, "A life for a life". We all know that this is the rule of the martial world.

So I don't think any one of you will object. You don't object either, do you, Chief Zenith?"

"I cannot agree more!" some disciples exclaimed. As Boris finished his explanation, disciples under the Casting Faction and the Refinement Faction chimed in immediately.

"That's nonsense! Boris, is this your attempt to mess around with the disciples of our Snow Sect?" Zenith accused. Everyone knew that Ricky didn't have the slightest chance to come back alive from a battle with any of the formidable beast.

Although he was quite talented, no one could imagine in their wildest dreams that he could rival with a beast at the sixth grade of Blood Purification.

"Chief Zenith, I'm just abiding by the law impartially," Boris defended.

"Chief Zenith, I really appreciate that you're worried about my safety. But as far as I'm concerned, Dominant Top Elder Boris is right in all aspects. I would like to accept this challenge," Ricky firmly stated. To everyone's surprise, Ricky did not have any objection.

"You..." Zenith and some other Elders were at a loss for words. They were dumbfounded and confused by Ricky's decision.

"That's great! Ricky, your courage is really admirable! In that case, you can choose any one of the beasts you want to fight against," Boris declared as his lips discretely curled into a sinister smile.

"Dominant Top Elder Boris, I only hope that you will honor your promise. If I can prove my value, please follow the verdict of Chief Zenith!" Ricky replied with hint of a threatening edge in his voice.

"Do you really think I would go against my words in the presence of so many disciples?" Boris gave him reassurance in the form of a question.

"No, of course, I don't. In contrast, I actually want to express my gratitude for offering m

must survive this, survive this in the most dignified manner, like that of a warrior which would be the most appropriate response for Boris' insidious intention of wanting his death.

"What a refined strength of the runes! The boy does have a supreme manual!" Elder Samuel muttered thoughtfully as he narrowed his eyes.

On the other hand, there was even a covetous look unfolding on Elder Logan's face.

Meanwhile, Ricky was concentrating on applying the Five Beasts Arts before he punched at the fists of the Demonic Ape with the mightiest power.


The sound reverberated within miles wide. But the only thing that everyone saw was the violent collision of two fists. One giant and black ape's fist and one small yet fierce human's! Immense airwaves began to suffuse the site instantly.

The moment Ricky met the punch of Demonic Ape, he felt as if there was something weighing thousands of kilograms pressuring over him. Fortunately, the Third Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula enabled him to withstand the massive power. Meanwhile, he also had managed to diffuse a large part of the power by applying Devouring Skill.

Immediately, Ricky pushed at devouring runes and the Devouring Fire and delivered the strength of the two forces together down the arm of Demonic Ape from its fist.

As the intimidating devouring runes and the Devouring Fire started to invade the body of the Demonic Ape, it let out an ear-splitting screech out of pain.

Jumping at this chance, Ricky withdrew his fist and lunched another blow but this time he targeted the abdomen of the Demonic Ape.

With his second punch, the Demonic Ape slumped directly onto the ground as it whined in agony.

However, before everyone could comprehend what was actually happening, they immediately saw the fiery blade slashing the monster's neck.

As the crowd was being dazzled by the flurry of fire and rays of lights, it all ended in a blink of an eye.

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