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   Chapter 100 Challenge Accepted

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"Unbelievable! How arrogant he is! How dare he claim that he did not commit a crime? Everyone saw him kill Phil! Innocent, my ass!" the disciples from the Refinement Faction, the Casting Faction, and a few of Boris's men began to curse in outrage.

"Oh? Then, please tell me why you claim to be innocent!" Boris, the Dominant Top Elder of the Snow Sect, asked calmly, as he squinted his eyes. In this situation, he had to seem open to Ricky's defense. Otherwise, people would consider him to be narrow-minded and suspect his biases.

Just like Zenith, Boris was handsome and had a majestic demeanor, casting a striking impression on all the disciples present. He was more demanding an explanation than merely asking Ricky's side.

Moreover, he had now reached a higher level through cultivation. His aura was more overwhelming now.

"Dominant Top Elder Boris, Phil insulted my master. She is more than a master to me. She teaches me, helps me and cares for me. She is like my family! Phil said really disgusting words to me, in an obvious intent to degrade my master. He deserved to die!" Ricky said frankly.

"May I ask you this question, Dominant Top Elder Boris? If your dearest ones are insulted, what would you do? Would you stand and do nothing because of the so-called rule?" Ricky asked further.

"Shut your mouth! How dare you talk to the Dominant Top Elder like this!?" Elder Logan, the founder of the Casting Faction, berated Ricky. Glaring at Ricky, he pointed a finger at him as if he would kill him the next second.

"Elder Logan, compose yourself. You are not supposed to speak like that when I'm still here!" Zenith scolded Logan coldly. He gathered his power of innate spirit, intending to give Logan a slap on the wrist as a warning.

However, before his power could reach Logan, Boris stopped him. Then he turned to Zenith and said, "Chief Zenith, don't get angry, please. We are just discussing how to deal with the boy. Elder Logan was just trying to be fair and just."

'Being fair and just? Sure, that's what he was doing! From what I saw, he was sucking up to you!' Ricky thought silently, attempting to conceal his look of disdain.

However, no one would try to question and challenge Boris. He was now an innate spirit with extremely powerful strength. Anyone who tried to cross him would probably end up regretting it.

Even though he was being unreasonable, people would have to remain silent and accept his decree, unless Zenith directly admonished him.

"Ricky, right? What you just said did make some sense. I agree with you and I understand your emotion. But rules are rules. You are not allowed to break any rule no matter how valid your reason is. Anyone who violates the rules must bear the consequences of their actions!"

Boris said. "So, as the Dominant Top Elder, I hereby pronounce you guilty and sentence you to death. I hope you don't mind!"

'Hope I don't mind? Is he joking? Hell no! I do mind very much and what's more, I want to kill this pompous prick!' cursed Ricky in silent rage at Boris's condescending words. But cursing to himself was natural. In fact, he had already anticipated that Boris wanted him to die, and that he would grasp this perfect chance.

"Whoop!" The men from the Casting and Refinement loudly cheered, happy with Boris's decision.

"Master Grace, what should we do? They will kill him!" Heat

lders had helped him a lot so far. Ricky was grateful very much. Yet he was also concerned that if Chief Zenith continued to defend him, many disciples would be unhappy and think to themselves that Chief Zenith was biased. That was the last thing he wanted to happen. It would harm Chief Zenith's reputation.

That was why he interrupted and abruptly accepted the challenge.

He was confident that he would be able to handle no matter what they threw at him. He was given another chance, after all!

"Ricky! What are you doing? Stop talking nonsense!" Immediately, Ricky heard Zenith's angry voice in his head. The sect chief had sent his message in secret with his internal strength. Ricky did not reply. He just gazed confidently at the chief, hoping to reassure him.

"Good! That's perfect! Much stronger than Phil? That's quite confident of you! Show me how capable you are and what you can do!" Boris said immediately, leaving no chance for Zenith to protest. Ricky's prompt confidence irritated Boris. He had never seen such an arrogant disciple before! How dared he make those big claims!

"Elder Logan!" Boris shouted, summoning his ally. He whispered some words to him.

Afterwards, Elder Logan left and headed for the snowy mountains.

All the disciples were confused at Boris's act and wondered just how he meant to test Ricky's strength.


About half an hour later, Elder Logan returned, three ferocious beasts in tow.

He had brought a Black-scaled Bull, a Demonic Ape, and a Yellow-winged Eagle. The bull mooed loudly as its scales gleamed sharply. The ape showed its sharp, yellow teeth while waving his long arms in the air. The eagle flapped its wings as it screeched in a high pitch. All of them looked quite fierce, and intimidated most of the disciples present.

"Oh, my god! All of those beasts are as at least powerful as a warrior at the sixth grade of Blood Purification! Goodness! Is Dominant Top Elder Boris going to test Ricky with them?" The throng once again broke out in chaotic chatter, both excited and a little scared.

"Ricky can't defeat them! Dominant Top Elder Boris is clearly trying to kill him!"

"And look! There are three beasts! Three! How could he beat all of them? That's impossible!"

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