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   Chapter 99 Adjudication

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"Ricky, you... you are… oh, God! I really don't know what to say about you! You're under arrest, Ricky!" Elder Abbott said gravely.

Elder Abbott's attitudes toward Ricky had changed several times. But all in all, he liked the young warrior quite a lot. But he had gone too far this time. In an act unprecented in the Snow Sect, Ricky had killed a fellow disciple.

Heather was extremely confused, in shock at having no idea what Ricky had done.

But Ricky reassured her, and she calmed down a little.

Elder Abbott led Ricky to the Law Enforcement Hall. Seeing such a tense situation, Heather grew quite anxious and knocked Grace's door, telling her that Ricky had been arrested.

On the road to the Law Enforcement Hall, Rod shouted insults and threats at Ricky again and again.

But Elder Abbott shooed Rod away, along with the other people who were chattering at Ricky.

When they arrived at the Law Enforcement Hall, Ricky was put into a prison cell. Its walls were made of fine iron, making it impossible for Ricky to escape. Outside, numerous guards stood watch.

"It now appears that I have gotten myself into quite a bit of trouble," Ricky murmured to himself as he looked at the darkness all around him.


The story of Ricky killing Phil had spread throughout the whole Sect overnight.

The truth about why Ricky did it gradually came out as the news spread. Some disciples thought that Ricky was a man with integrity who was forthright in making a distinction between kindness and revenge. Some of the female disciples pitied Ricky. because they felt as though Rick was not guilty.

But there were some others who hoped that Ricky would bear harsh consequences. They said that Ricky outright broke the primary rule that had never been broken in the Snow Sect. To them, even a thousand deaths would not atone for his crime.

But the final adjudication was up to the Elders, Chief Zenith, and the Dominant Top Elder, Boris.


Elder Abbott came to the prison after half a day had passed since Ricky was locked up.

"Elder Abbott, will I die?" Ricky asked, for he knew Elder Abbott was soft-hearted.

"Ricky… Why did you do it? Why can't you just have held back? Do you

her were extremely anxious and worried. Elder Abbott felt the same. They all regretted that Ricky had been so impulsive and hotheaded.

But deep inside, Grace was grateful and even happy once she found out just why Ricky had killed Phil.

Surely Ricky has seen Grace and Heather, but he walked right past them, not meeting their eyes.

What Ricky hadn't seen was that in a corner of the square stood Amelia, the leader of Amber Faction, and the charming girl who had accompanied Grace to the Stone City.

"If the Snow Sect really wants to kill Ricky, I hope you can help him," Amelia whispered.

"Is it going to happen because he possessed no spiritual meridian?" the charming girl asked.

"Yes. I have a strong intuition that he is the person I've been looking for," Amelia said, nodding decidedly.

"I have heard his story. He is not bad. I'll think it over. If it is really that necessary, I'll do it for you," the girl whispered in Amelia's ear.

"Thank you," Amelia said, nodding her head in gratitude.


"Sect chief, Dominant Top Elder and nine Elders!" Ricky said respectfully, as was the custom.

"Ricky, all people in Snow Sect have gathered on this platform today. Do you know why?" Zenith was the first to speak. "Will you confess your crime?"

"No, Chief Zenith. I don't think I committed a crime. How could I confess one?" Ricky said simply and earnestly, his eyes sweeping over the row of Elders who held his fate in their hands.

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