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   Chapter 98 Disregard the Rules, Kill Him

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 6781

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Phil was hit by something that seemed to have a weight of one thousand kilograms before he could finish his words, then he flew backwards immediately.

Halfway through his backwards descent, his blood mixed with broken teeth floated and formed a red arch.

Ricky struck as soon as Phil repeated the words "Ugly Grace." His movements were boosted to ultimate speed because of his anger. He leaped to Phil's side, hitting his mouth with a tremendous blow.

With everything happening so quickly, the warriors around them had no time to react.

By the time they came to their senses, Phil had rolled several times on the ground and had already passed out. His face was sunken with a punch mark the size of half a head.

Blood was gushing out of Phil's whole head. Everything was gruesome.

Looking at this bloody scene and Phil's sunken face, all the disciples were in total shock. They couldn't help but feel frightened, because Phil looked like he was close to death.

"Brother!" Larry howled and rushed over, only to find that Phil was already lifeless.

It was to be expected. Now, Ricky's strength was well matched with a warrior of the six grade of Blood Purification. How could Phil, who was only at the third grade of Blood Purification, possibly survive a fierce punch from Ricky?

"You... you killed my brother!" Larry howled, pure grief on his face.

"Phil was really dead. Is Ricky out of his mind? How dare he kill someone in the Snow Sect!" It was certain that Phil was really dead. Everyone was talking in hushed tones, staring at Ricky with shock.

It was the first time that someone had dared to kill another disciple in the Snow Sect. Even the disciples of innate spirits would never do that.

Now they really didn't want to have any connection with Ricky! Who knew what kind of crazy things this lunatic would do!?

But they were also shocked by his strength. He killed Phil with only one strike. It was hard to tell just how strong he truly was now.

Mark had already retreated i

me. They were strong. They subdued Zenith easily and hurt Odin, taking him away.

As for why Odin had provoked such powerful warriors, no one knew.

Grace must have been so upset because of her father's capture. She didn't know whether he was alive.

And the other innate spirit in the Snow Sect—Boris, who was Nate's master, was Odin's rival.

After Odin was taken away, he secretly supported the Refinement and Casting Faction, and told them to cause Grace some trouble. Fortunately, Zenith was her ally, so the two factions did not dare to go too far. They only insulted her verbally.

"Refinement Faction, Casting Faction and Boris. If I don't kill you while I live, I am willing to go to hell to hound you!" Ricky swore to himself, his blood pulsating with anger.

"Come out, criminal! Ricky, face us!" an angry voice called. It was Rod.

Outside, in the small courtyard, Elder Abbott was there with a number of disciples. Rod and the others were there too.

"Ha! That was quick!" Ricky had expected this from the moment he struck Phil.

'I must find a chance to escape!' Ricky thought, because he did not want to sit back and wait to die.

When Elder Abbott came in, he looked at Ricky with grave disappointment.

Even if Abbott didn't want to, he would still have to tell them to arrest Ricky. It was the law of their Sect.

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