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   Chapter 97 Unforeseen Event

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On this day, the whole of Stone City was teeming with excitement.

This was due to the news that all the ten inferior branches of the Bloody Gang had inexplicably disappeared and disbanded.

The Bloody Gang ranked first among all other gangs that existed thousands of miles around Stone City, and its violent actions had gained notoriety. So the developments that had happened to it were not a secret.

These ten inferior branches not only comprised a quarter of the strength of the Bloody Gang, but also accounted for a third of the entire Gang's wealth and training resources.

Naturally, the high level branches of the Bloody Gang had burst into a rage, and they sent all their elite warriors to track down the one who was behind it all. To help them, the Nan Clan also lent many of their warriors.

The income of the Nan Clan had was directly dependent on the Bloody Gang, and so, the disbandment of the ten inferior branches also incurred great losses for them.

Unfortunately for them, they didn't manage to find the man behind it all.

And what was even worse was that all the surviving members of the ten inferior branches had already left the Stone City with all their money and treasures, which meant that a third of the Gang's capital had vanished overnight.

Ricky also knew all this of course, as he travelled incognito within Stone City. After hearing the news of the Clan and Gang's tragedy, he said to himself, "Bloody Gang, this is only the start. You will be punished even greater in the future.

And Gilbert, you will get what you deserve too."

With this, Ricky left the Stone City and came to a mountain range.

This mountain range was no ordinary one, but a place where the Nan Clan collected many of their medicinal materials. As the former young master of the Nan Clan, Ricky knew this place well.

He also knew that every few days the disciples of Gilbert would come here to collect a large number of medicinal materials. It would be the best time for him to carry out his plan.

After waiting for several days in this mountain range, he saw the disciples appear, bearing baskets and boxes.

Among these disciples, the highest level warrior was in the third grade of Blood Purification. Ricky smiled. It would be a piece cake for him to defeat them.

After they had collected the medical materials and were preparing to head back. Ricky put on a cloak, covered his face and rushed out, not giving them time to react. He injured many disciples and destroyed e

e in the pit of his stomach.

And sure enough, he was stopped by three disciples halfway to his courtyard.

He knew them. They were all inner disciples. Mark was at the fourth grade of Blood Purification and came from the Casting Faction. The other two disciples were brothers: Phil and Larry, who were at the third grade of Blood Purification. They were members of the Refinement Faction.

"Step aside! You're in my way!" Ricky roared when he saw them blocking his path.

The disciples all gathered around him. They all looked at him contemptuously. Again, Ricky was reminded of when he came to the Snow Sect for the first time.

He guessed that Grace might have had an accident.

"Ha-ha, you have such a bad temper! It does really suit the strongest in the Snow Sect. Now you even don't respect us as your seniors when you see us." These three disciples jeered at him.

"Maybe, it's because he has a core master and also has innate spirit to support him!" Phil sneered.

"I don't think so. The back-up of the innate spirit has already disappeared. Now there is only one core disciple. Wait, what was her name again? Oh yeah, Ugly Grace she is," Larry said disdainfully.

When Ricky heard this insult, the anger in his heart erupted like a volcano, rising instantaneously and spreading heat throughout his body and even into the air. The disciples around him could sense his anger.

"Slap yourselves for what you just said!" Ricky roared angrily at them.

"Oh? Ricky, you really freaked me out. Did I say anything that made you angry?" Larry said innocently with a mocking smile.

"What we're talking about is just 'Ugly Grace'..." Phil grinned.

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