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   Chapter 96 Eliminate The Inferior Branches Of The Bloody Gang

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Updated: 2019-07-19 00:47

The way to the cave was hidden and winding, and it took them nearly an hour just to get into its depths No wonder, though. After all, this was where all the inferior branch's prized possessions were kept.

At the end of the tunnel, they finally came upon a cavern.

In it gleamed a pile of silver and copper coins, at least a hundred thousand of them.

In addition to the money, there were exquisite weapons, Spiritual Energy Nourishing Pills, and Anti-toxin Pills. On the other side there were some Treasures from Heaven and Earth, but nothing rare or special.

"Subchief, these are all our treasures, and others have been handed over to our superior branches!" One of the warriors explained cautiously.

As a group of warriors at the Blood Purification state, it was rather pathetic to boast such a small number of treasures.

"Looks like you haven't had the best of times in the Bloody Gang!" Ricky said dryly.

"Indeed, subchief. But it's better than being wandering warriors. There is a place to live at least, and we don't have to worry about being bullied by other forces whom we encounter by chance!" another warrior replied.

Ricky nodded slightly, looking around at the cavern.

"Give me a third of those silver coins, and the rest is yours!" Ricky said, his brow arched.

In disbelief, the warriors looked at each other to see if they had heard him wrong.

"What? You don't want them?" Ricky asked again, a hint of a smile at the corners of his mouth.

"Subchief, are you serious about giving them to us?" a warrior mustered the courage to ask, his voice trembling.

"Just do what I say. You are behaving like women!" Ricky said contemptuously.

With that, several bold warriors took the lead to stuff their pockets with silver coins and Spiritual Energy Nourishing Pills.

Ricky said nothing, only nodding slightly. The first few warriors who had taken the lead bowed deeply to him as they returned.

Upon confirming Ricky's sincerity, the remaining warriors swarmed the pile of loot without hesitation. They divided up the treasures neatly and quickly, leaving Ricky exactly a third of the silver coins.

"That's right. I mean what I say, and I don't go back on my word," Ricky said, pleased at

ay go to other medium branches and superior branches of the Bloody Gang, but I'm not sure if they'll accept you, since you came from my branch."

"We don't want to part with you, subchief! We want to be with you!" Most warriors were reluctant to hear that Ricky was going to disband the gang, because they had indeed made a lot of money and were enjoying their new lives under their new subchief.

Ricky had been quite generous to them, after all.

"Haw-haw, guys, I know what you mean, but you know it won't be easy if we stay together!" Ricky laughed, "I promise I will be your leader again when I am strong enough!"

And with this, Ricky left so quickly that his warriors could not catch up with him even if they had wanted to.

"Guys, the subchief has gone… I suppose, that means it's time for us to leave. You know we'd better not going back to the Bloody Gang," some of the warriors at the third grade of Blood Purification remarked.

"He's right. We've made a lot of money. It's time to settle down somewhere."

The members of the Bloody Gang's inferior branches then dispersed, heading their respective directions. Some were going to their hometowns.

In the distance, Ricky appeared on a peak. He watched the warriors who were leaving and whispered, "Bloody Gang, your strength must have been greatly damaged by the departure of all these members.

But fear not. A bigger gift will soon be delivered to you. Or my name 'Bill' will have all been in vain."

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