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   Chapter 95 Becoming Subchief

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"Our subchiefs just gave you permission to become a member of our Bloody Gang, but he didn't ask you to stand up, fool. Keep on kneeling," a warrior said fiercely after he saw Ricky rising to his feet.

Ricky's Water Miraculous Pills had made quite a few gang members jealous of him. This warrior was one of them.

He aimed a hammer-like kick at Ricky's knees, intending on making him kneel again.

"Crack!" It was the audible sound of a bone fracturing. But Ricky didn't fall to his knees. Instead, it was the warrior who was now screaming painfully as he clutched his legs. Because as his foot struck Ricky's knees, the impact felt like he had just kicked a solid piece of steel.

Everyone in the hall was now on high alert.

"Who are you?" Both subchiefs asked suspiciously, instantly on guard. They knew right away that Ricky wasn't a run-of-the-mill person.

The members of Bloody Gang took out their weapons and encircled Ricky, staring with wary eyes.

"You are really forgetful. You two just accepted me into the Bloody Gang. Don't you remember?" Ricky smiled.

"What an fool! How dare you make trouble here! Tear this bastard to pieces now!" The thin subchief commanded fiercely. The Bloody Gang members prepared to attack Ricky from all sides.

"What are you going to do? Do you intend to disobey the Bloody Gang's rules?" Ricky shouted loudly in order to stop them in their tracks.

"I'm now a member of Bloody Gang and I want to challenge these two subchiefs for their positions. According to the gang rules, all the members should stay out of this, otherwise you are disrespectful to Bloody Gang's two leaders."

People in the hall, including the screaming warrior, fell into a stunned silence after hearing Ricky's words. They all stared at Ricky as if he was ridiculous.

After a moment of utter silence, they all burst into laughter.

"Ha-ha! What a funny joke! My brother, did you hear what he had said? He wants to challenge us to get the position of subchief. How silly this boy is!" The fat subchief guffawed, slapping his knees.

"Ha-ha! Oh, goodness me. He- he wants to challenge us!" The thin subchief also shrieked with laughter.

"Hey guys, I think this boy must have been kicked in the head by a horse! Or maybe he's just totally i

rying not to show his relief at retrieving them.

"I think you should now know who I am!" Ricky said cruelly. He had now returned to the hall, looking around at the frightened warriors as he clutched the bloody Iron Destroyer in his hand.

All the gang members knelt down in fear, and called Ricky subchief respectfully.

"Now that you call me subchief, from now on, I have the final say in this inferior branch. If you disobey my word, you will end up like your two newly retired subchiefs. Understand?" Ricky said in a stone cold voice.

He did not want their loyalty. He wanted to instill as much fear into them so that he could take advantage of them in the next few days.

"Respectful subchief! Yes! We understand!" All the warriors cried out, looking at the two bloody corpses from the corners of their eyes.

"Well, then. What are you waiting for? Clean up those two bodies. They're disgusting. Then come back here for I have something to tell you," Ricky said lightly.

Then, he sat down on the throne in the hall, observing the warriors who now anxiously sprang to action.

About a quarter of an hour later, everything was cleared up. All the gang members, who totalled almost forty, came into the hall and waited for their new subchief to speak.

"Show me the way to the Treasure Tower of this inferior branch," Ricky ordered.

"Yes, respectful subchief!" Two warriors at the third grade of Blood Purification answered.

They set off to lead him to a hidden cave not far from their base.

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