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   Chapter 94 The Bloody Gang

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In the Stone City, the three main families were still there, presenting a state of tripartite confrontation.

However, something had changed in recent months. The head of Nan Clan was now someone else.

Gilbert used to be only a warrior at the second grade of Bone Reinforcement and came under a strong man like Nick, who was at the third grade of Bone Reinforcement. But everything had changed since his son was taken as a disciple of the innate spiritual king.

With the help of the cultivation resources given by the innate spiritual king, he made great progress in a few months, and was now close to the fourth grade of Bone Reinforcement.

Nick had no choice but to abdicate his position as head and made way for Gilbert.

Warriors in the Stone City could not complain much, because this was the law of the world of martial arts. The winner shall be the king.

Nick only blamed himself for not pushing his son to work harder and earn something better.

At an inn in the Stone City, many of the warriors who had returned from the hunt was taking a rest, during which they naturally talked about what had happened recently.

"Have you heard that the genius Ricky, the one his spiritual meridian got destroyed and was later driven out of the Nan Clan, has now risen in the Snow Sect and become the top ranking outer disciple of the Snow Sect?" a warrior said, to open the discussion.

"Sure! Even when his spiritual meridian was taken away, he still proved himself. Genius is what genius is!"

"Ha-ha, if Nick hadn't given up on Ricky and his father, he wouldn't have ended up following Gilbert like a dog."

"Well, it's too late. After all, Gilbert has become a powerful warrior at the fourth grade of Bone Reinforcement."

"Well, even though Nick has a bad reputation, I still have prefered him to be head of the Nan Clan. At least he wouldn't work with the Bloody Gang." Other hunting warriors sighed, shaking their heads.

"That's right. Since Gilbert became the head of the Nan Clan, he's done nothing to hide the fact that he's been working with the Bloody Gang. Not only did they encroach on our hunting mountains, they're collecting a fifth of our taxes! They're making us suffer indeed!"

"Hush, if people from the Nan

gy of mists and meditation!" they said in shock, immediately realizing that the Water Miraculous Pills were not ordinary ones.

"These are the two Water Miraculous Pills I accidentally got, and I hereby give them to you, as long as I am given the chance to stay in the gang!" Ricky said hurriedly.

His heart ached, seeing them handle his remaining Water Miraculous Pills.

But he had known from the start that he had to make sacrifices to infiltrate the Bloody Gang!

"Water Miraculous Pills! This is an intermediate pill, brother!" the plump subchief said to his companion excitedly.

"Well, that's right!" The thin man nodded and winked again at the three men next to Ricky.

They searched Ricky again, and found nothing but a few silver coins, so they gave up.

"Boy, do you really want to join us?" The thin man asked him as he pocketed Ricky's pills. "Aren't you afraid of death?"

"Sure I am, but I think the Bloody Gang is great!" Ricky said, pretending to be earnest.

"Haw-haw, this is my first time to hear someone say something positive about us!" The two men immediately burst into laughter, so did the warriors in the hall.

"Well, since you've contributed your pills, you are allowed to join the Bloody Gang!" the thin subchief said decidedly.

"I appreciate that so much!" Ricky replied., bowing.

Amid the laughter, he rose slowly to his feet, the wry smile vanishing from his lips.

Now that Ricky was a member of the Bloody Gang, he would get down to business.

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