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   Chapter 93 The Battle Between Two Innate Spiritual Kings

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Autelan moved at high speed, even faster than a warrior at the first grade of Bone Reinforcement. However, no matter how quickly he tried to run away, it seemed to be a futile attempt. Thousands of meters behind them, a beam of light of flushing tree quickly shot in their direction and reached them in a flash.

Upon seeing the light of flushing tree, Autelan stopped with a dry smile.

Ricky began to realize why Autelan had began running so fast.

As the light of flushing tree faded away, a middle-aged man, dressed in a long green robe, emerged from the light of flushing tree under his feet. His face was not particularly good-looking, but Ricky and Autelan felt his aura of arrogance, as if he was the center of the whole universe.

Ricky had only ever sensed such an overpowering aura from Zenith, who was a powerful innate spiritual king. So the middle-aged man was, without a doubt, also an innate spiritual king.

And now that there was the intense force of flushing tree emanating from the man, Ricky had already guessed his identity.

"Hello. You must be a senior member of the family of Greenhill. I think it would seem a bit inappropriate for you to chase down and kill the ordinary warriors like us in the Snow Land," Autelan spoke, calmly toning down his power and vigor.

He knew that no matter how powerful he was, he was just as weak as an ant in the eyes of this man.

"Have you killed my son, Lyndon?" the man asked in a low voice as he stared at Ricky, completely ignoring Autelan.

Without anger or murderous intent in his voice, the man seemed as though he was merely asking Ricky a simple question.

But Ricky knew clearly that if an innate spiritual king spoke in such a tone, it implied that he was actually very furious.

"Yes, I have," Ricky admitted, realizing that he was going to die very soon. He hoped that by taking responsibility for it, there was a chance Autelan would not be involved.

'Alas! I've provoked the innate spiritual king of the family of Greenhill. He's here to avenge his son's death on me now. What terrible turn of events!' Ricky thought to himself, mourning his impending death.

He hadn't found his mother yet, and he had so much more of his cultivation to experience. Everything had just begun for him, but it all seemed as thought it would be over now.

However, Ricky wasn't regretful at all. And if he had another chance, he

or continue your cultivation outside?"

"I decided to continue training outside," Ricky explained.

"Okay. Be careful. If you come across big trouble again, your luck might be different from today. I just happened to be training myself here today and helped summon Chief Zenith, so you could get out of trouble this time!" Autelan said.

"Autelan, I truly appreciate what you did for me. I will try to be prudent and keep a low profile from now on!" Ricky nodded.

"Ha-ha. Ricky, you're really quite an obedient and meek fellow, aren't you? I like your character!" Autelan said with a laugh at Ricky's earnest reply.

"Ha-ha!" Ricky also laughed joyously, relieved at living to see another day.

"Are you going back to the Snow Sect?" Ricky asked.

"Not yet. I reached the ninth grade of Blood Purification a long time ago, but I haven't made a breakthrough to reach the higher level yet. So I won't return to the Snow Sect until I break through again," Autelan replied. He added confidently, "I happened to discover a good method that stands a chance of helping me make a breakthrough soon."


"Aha! Thank you. Now, I must bid you goodbye! See you around back home in the Snow Sect!" With this, Autelan left.

After Autelan was out of sight, Ricky looked for several moments in the direction of Zenith and Errol's battle. After that, he pushed on, making his way towards the Stone City.

Now that he had the ability to challenge a warrior at the fifth grade of Blood Purification, Ricky was confident of taking back some spoils from Gilbert and the Bloody Gang.

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