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   Chapter 92 High-handed Autelan

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To stop Ricky, the Black Venomous Vulture opened its mouth to condense black spiritual energy in the air, spewing at ground in front of Ricky. A powerful blast hit the earth.

Mixed with a mass of ash, the strong explosive force blasted against Ricky quite forcefully.

"Pah!" Ricky couldn't withstand it and sprayed out a mouthful of blood. He rolled around several times, trying to shake out the pain.

When Ricky stumbled to stand up, the Black Venomous Vulture landed and the old man leaped down.

"What a big hit! This is an honor. I can't believe that the West Vanity Valley would send such a overmatch to kill a nobody," Ricky said ferociously, wiping the blood from his lips.

Ricky was terriby frightened. Every warrior was afraid of death, after all. It meant losing everything. Now that he was going to die, he want to die with dignity, so he stood his ground, trying not to let his fear show.

"Young man, you are anything but a nobody. Since you have killed so many disciples and guards of the West Vanity Valley, it is reasonable that they sent me to kill you. And since you are a disciple of the Snow Sect, we will never let you go," The skinny old man said lightly.

Now, spiritual energy gathered in his hands, preparing to kill Ricky directly. A long delay could cause trouble.

"Young man, I respect you as a warrior. If you have any last wishes, tell me. Maybe I can fulfill some of them for you for mercy's sake!"

"I want to exterminate the West Vanity Valley. Can you help me with that?" Ricky sneered.

"You are asking for death, young man!"

The old man grew angry. His patience depleted, so he struck Ricky with a strong hit.

Faced with a hand as heavy as the sky, Ricky was not afraid. He would try his best to fight, even now in the moment of his death.


At this point, however, a dragon came howling out from the forest behind Ricky. A dragon-shaped force rushed out, flying past Ric

d more uneasy about the situation, because after three collisions, it seemed as though they were evenly matched.

"Alas, I cannot escape from the old man's clutches now," Ricky murmured, in despair.

Ricky now considered taking the opportunity to flee. He was hoping that Autelan would give him a hand again.

But in a moment, it was apparent that Ricky had underestimated Autelan.

Because the old man now spat out a mouthful of blood, his chest heaving quickly.

He turned tail, jumping on the back of the Black Venomous Vulture, and left promptly.

"Coward! Why didn't you believe my promise just now?" Autelan laughed aloud at the sight of the old man's fleeing back. He did not chase after the old man, who was travelling too fast to catch as he had a vulture. Besides, he was still a powerful overmatch of Bone Reinforcement.

"Autelan defeated an overmatch of Bone Reinforcement with only the power of Blood Purification! He must be among the top ten inner disciples, possibly even the top three," Ricky said to himself, admiring his new acquaintance.

Autelan chuckled, "Ha-ha, buddy, were you scared that after three fists I wouldn't..."

However, before he could finish his sentence, his eyes grew serious.

Immediately, without another word, Autelan led Ricky in a mad dash.

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