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   Chapter 91 In Death's Clutches

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"It's such a pity that you're not an innate spirit!" Ricky remarked nonchalantly.

With a forceful tug, Ricky's saber slit open Lyndon's throat. Eyes wide in shock, Lyndon fell to the ground with his hands clutching his throat. Until his last gasp for air, he couldn't believe that Ricky had really dared to kill him.

"You... You even got the guts to kill Lyndon!? Aren't you scared that the Greenhill family will find you and avenge him?" Dora pointed her finger at Ricky and gasped in a trembling voice. She was utterly shaken.

"Even if I didn't kill him, his family would have been after me for defeating him in the contest because he had a personal grudge against me. Why shouldn't I make the best of things before his family sets out to find me?" Ricky said coolly.

After saying that, Ricky used his saber to carve a bloody sentence on Lyndon's arm, "Ricky from the Snow Sect was here!"

"What are you doing now!?" Dora exclaimed, now utterly aghast.

"What am I doing? Of course, I'm trying not to get the Shui Clan involved. I'm clearing their name," Ricky said seriously.

"Now, that's been enough for you, Dora. It's time for you to go back. After all, it's only supposed to be the established masters from the Shui Clan who are responsible for monitoring the assassins from the West Vanity Valley. If the people from the West Vanity Valley realize that you were here, the entire Shui Clan will be involved in something they don't deserve to!" Ricky continued, glaring at her so she would understand.

Without another word, Ricky turned and traveled speedily away.

Dora stood rooted in place, staring wistfully after him. To catch up with the Ricky would be impossible. And after seeing how ruthlessly Ricky had killed four people, Dora was at a loss for words.

Her curiosity had gotten her into unexpected trouble. She finally turned and decided to leave. As for whether she still had an interest in Ricky, only she knew. Or did she?


'Maybe it's time to go take a look at the Stone City!' Ricky thought as he was sprinting in the forest. He still didn't have a definite destination.

'It's high time to get square with the Nan Clan, Gilbert and the Bloody Gang, ' thought Ricky. Even though he knew that he couldn't just yet take down the Nan Clan and the so-called Bloody Gang, he was still capable of hurting them unexpectedly or obtaining some information.

After making his decision, Ricky carried on his journey in the direction of the Stone City.

But his trip did not go smoothly. After the two masters from the West Vanity Valley were found dead, they sent several troops of people to hunt Ricky

the fifth grade of Blood Purification! That was making too big a fuss indeed.

But in considering the losses the West Vanity Valley incurred, it was understandable that they were now exhausting their resources.


Just then Ricky was sprinting in a remote area, yet to be informed of the great danger that was looming.

After a few hours of travel, Ricky finally made it out of the west region of the Snow Land.

'Once I get to the east region of the Snow Land, the West Vanity Valley will probably cease their hunt for me. After all, it will no longer be their turf anymore, ' Ricky thought.

But he had underestimated their resolution to kill him.

In the eastern region of the Snow Land where Ricky had just passed, a humongous, ferocious vulture swooped down from the sky.

It was a Black Venomous Vulture. Once it reached peak maturity, it had fighting skills equal to a warrior in the advanced stage of Blood Purification. But that was not what Ricky's eyes immediately focused on. What was more fearsome was the old man crouching on the back of that Black Venomous Vulture.

He had a scrawny figure like a wooden stick, looking as if he could be swept away anytime.

But Ricky could aptly sense the immense spiritual power that circulated inside that old man's body.

'This is a powerful master. He is at least at the peak of Blood Purification, otherwise he wouldn't have tamed a fierce beast of that level!' Ricky thought with a gasp.

And judging from the clothes that the old man was wearing, Ricky now had a good idea of who exactly he was.

'If a miracle doesn't happen today, I will probably die out here, '

Ricky thought grimly as he ran in the fastest possible speed he could manage and dove back into the thick forest.

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