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   Chapter 90 Poor Brothers Doomed To Die

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"So, any idea about where you're heading for?" Agnes inquired about his future plans.

"Well, to be frank, no. I'm not sure yet. But I know I don't belong here. Anyway, I should get out of here," Ricky shook his head and replied. He stared out into the distance, while thinking about the endless possibilities of places he could go. He did not have a specific destination yet.

"Yeah, I know you don't belong here and won't stay here. The world is out there, waiting for you. Take care!" Agnes said, knowing how capable this young man was going to be. "You, too," Ricky replied with a smile. They talked for a while, and then Ricky returned to his quarter. He planned to leave after nightfall. Only Agnes and the grandmaster of the Purity Faction knew about his departure. He knew it would be foolish to believe that everyone in the Purify Faction liked him enough to be loyal to him. A small bribe like money could very easily buy them. Exposing his plans would be the stupidest thing.

At midnight, Ricky left the house of the Shui Clan following the secret path Agnes had instructed him to.

He walked into the forest, as Agnes had explained that if he walked through it to leave, he would not easily be spotted and would be able to leave in safety.

However, minutes into the forest, Ricky sensed something unusual. He felt that he was followed.

He stopped, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath before he shouted boldly, "Who's there?" He confirmed his suspicions after he activated his internal strength to sense his stalker's breathing.

A figure appeared from behind him and walked up to him. Ricky had anticipated that someone could tail after him. But he never expected that it was Dora - the genius from the Sage Faction! That was totally shocking for him.

"Dora? It's you! How did you know that I would be here?" Ricky was alarmed immediately at the sight of her. In the important fight, he had defeated Lyndon, shaming Dora by association. He was certain that she was coming after him for revenge.

"Yes, it's me! How did I know? Ha-ha. Is it really a question? Don't you think it's a ridiculously funny question? You are still standing on the grounds of the Shui Clan." Dora replied arrogantly with a giggle. Ricky didn't sense any malice from her.

"Oh, yes. I see what you mean. This is the territory of the Shui Clan, and of course, you know everything that happens here." Ricky understood immediately.

"But, why are you following me? Do you mean to take your revenge on me?" asked Ricky, preparing himself.

"Revenge? That's absurd. I won't feel ashamed to lose to a warrior who is obviously much stronger. I'm not that narrow-minded," Dora replied. "To be honest, I am j

ilence, petrified. He had lost the ability to think.

After lurking quietly in the shadows, the help who had accompanied the three vengeful warriors shouted at Ricky while activating his strength, "How dare you kill the West Vanity Valley's young masters! I'm going to tear you apart!"

This helper was no weakling. He was a mature warrior at the second grade of Blood Purification.

He was powerful, yes. But unfortunately, he was absolutely no match for Ricky, who had already reached the third grade of Blood Purification. Ricky drew his long saber from its sheath and swept it in the air. This unknown warrior's head was hacked clean off his shoulders, rolling onto the forest floor.

Everything just happened naturally, as if Ricky was dancing. Even a master warrior at the second grade of Blood Purification would have trouble dealing with Ricky's attack.

Dora, who was standing behind him, was in total shock at what she beheld. She breathed in deeply, realizing just how dangerous Ricky was when she saw what he just did. However, she grew even more curious about him at the same time.

"That's just amazing! He is so powerful!" she murmured in a low voice, her heart beating like a drum.

Ricky raised his saber and placed it against Lyndon's throat, the metal digging into his skin. There was a tiny drop of blood.

"Good evening, Young Master Lyndon of Greenhill, how are you feeling now?" Ricky smiled at Lyndon's shocked and frightened face. He could see that the young master's hands were trembling in fear.

"Wh- what do you want? You better watch your weapon! If you dare hurt me, even a little, the two grandmasters of the Greenhill will hunt you down!" Lyndon gathered his courage and threatened Ricky with a shivering voice, the cold metal of the saber burning into his skin.

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