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   Chapter 89 Forging Ahead By Accomplishing Two Grades At A Stretch

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Suddenly! A peculiar sound!

With the infusion of the two supreme energies into his body, Ricky heard sound of crunches and creaks coming from throughout the inside of his body. This meant that his mortal being was undergoing significant changes.

The originally orange rays were growing yellow. Layers of black, thick liquid oozed out of his skin, giving off a foul stench.

In spite of the pungent odor, he focused all his attention on the strenuous practice. To tolerate the sharp pain, he clenched his fists so tightly that his fingernails began to dig into the flesh of his palms.

He was gritting his teeth, and blood seeped out from the corners of his lips.

For now, the only thing he could to do to fight against the pain was mustering all his willpower and energy.

Fortunately, the moment didn't last long. He didn't know whether he could make it to the end, even with his strong willpower.

A loud rumble reverberated in his ears. With a strong momentum erupting, he saw that all the orange rays had turned yellow. He felt his entire being leap up to a higher level. Anyone could determine his explosive energy with only a glance at his impressive muscles.

Ricky realized that he had achieved the Third Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula successfully.

At the Third Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula, he could be unrivaled in the inferior stage of Blood Purification. It would be no easy task for a warrior even at the third grade of Blood Purification to beat Ricky without shedding some blood.


With a deep exhalation of air, Ricky cracked his eyes open, grimacing as though the severe pain inflicted on every inch of his skin hadn't faded one bit.

Gritting his teeth, he took off his robe and entered the wooden barrel he had prepared beforehand to cleanse himself of the impurities eliminated by his body.

But now, his entire body was so tender and sensitive that he had to clean himself extremely gingerly. He spent a good three hours bathing. The pain took a half day after the bath to fully recede.

Once Ricky felt like he had recovered sufficiently, he took another Water Miraculous Pill and prepared to resume the cultivation.

For him, right now, every single minute and second was extremely precious.

As he began, he found there was a remainder of the energy of Ice Ganoderma Lucidum and Sacred Essence Pill in his body.

He was quite excited about this discovery, telling himself, 'They deserve the reputation of Treasures from Heaven and Earth an

" she asked, turning her eyes away.

"I don't plan. I leave when I want to. It is tonight!" Ricky replied, with a determined look flashing through his eyes. 'The people of West Vanity Valley, you'd better prove to me what little humanity you have, or I will show no mercy to you!' he kept this thought to himself.

"All right, it would be safe to leave at night!" Agnes commented. She then grew excited and said, "By the way, here is some good news for you!"

"What is it?"

"Grandmaster has consented to appoint top level warriors to help you hold back the warriors of West Vanity Valley at intermediate and advanced stage of Blood Purification. That way, you can focus your energy to tackle those at the lower stage!" Agnes replied, smiling earnestly.

"Is that true, Agnes?"

Ricky's grim face was lit up by a smile of delight.

"Well, do you doubt that a demi-immortal would go back on her word to you, an insignificant Blood Purification warrior?" Agnes retorted in a mocking tone.

"Oh, Agnes! You know I really appreciate it! Please do send my regards to your grandmaster. I own her one!" Ricky was brimming with gratitude.

For him, this was an exceptional favor.

In spite of all of his accomplishments in terms of the skills and ability, he would be no more than an ant when confronted with those warriors at intermediate and advanced stages of Blood Purification.

He had once thought dejectedly that what he was about to do would be no more than a game of luck, and he was going to risk his neck.

But now, the conditions had changed drastically. He stood a better chance. The Shui Clan had offered a valuable hand to him, and he would never forget it.

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