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   Chapter 88 To Break Through

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The grandmaster of the Sage Faction, having witnessed the disorderly behavior between the two, decided to interject. "Enough!" she boomed authoritatively. Lyndon dropped Ricky's collar as he calmed himself from his burst of anger. Ricky was fortunate that the grandmaster was around to subdue the situation. Lyndon was from the family of Greenhill -- known to be one of the best in the field of martial arts. It would be problematic for Ricky should he cross the line with this person without bearing any consequences.

They both knew that they wouldn't want to be an embarrassment in front of the demi-immortal. Lyndon gave Ricky a threatening look and said, "You'd better stay in the Shui Clan for as long as you can. Once you left the front door of this house, you'll suffer the consequences."

After being shamelessly intimidated, Lyndon thought it best to leave the house of Shui family. He decided to leave with his pride intact. After packing his bags, he walked away without looking back.

The situation back there was getting uncomfortable and disturbing for his own taste. He also noticed that the menacing remarks and the underhanded commentaries was making everyone uneasy. Walking away from the situation was definitely the wisest thing to do.

At last, the competition in the house of Shui was finally over. As the winner of the competition, the Purity Faction gained control over the Billow City. This paved the way to Ricky's fame in the family--everyone knew his name after the victory.

Through Ricky's fame, the rumors spread like wildfire. People even believed that Ricky and Agnes were in love with each other.

Ricky and Agnes were both equally tired after the match so they decided to return to the Purity Faction's courtyard. As soon as they set foot in the courtyard, the faction's grandmaster summoned them to her practice palace.

For the longest time, Ricky only had descriptions of the grandmaster in his head. He never really knew what she truly looked like. But now, he was finally going to meet her in person. Arriving in the palace, he was mildly surprised that she looked slightly different from what he had pictured.

The grandmaster was a charming mature woman. She was statuesque and had defined facial features that only showed beauty. There was strength and wisdom in her eyes and a proud carriage shown in her jutting jaw line. There were few wrinkles that graced her visage but she was undeniably beautiful for her age -- the kind that would made men swoon over her.

"Grandmaster!" Both the warriors greeted the grandmaster with respect. Agnes entered the palace and Ricky followed suit.

"Well, you must be the disciple of the Snow Sect, young fierce warrior Ricky!" The grandmaster said as she fixed her eyes on Ricky.

"Please, grandmaster, just call me by my name. I'm too embarrassed to be called like that," Ricky said shyly.

"Good. You are very polite and modest!" She pra

of the mind became more accurate.

"Wow! This Water Miraculous Pill at the intermediate level really makes a difference!" Ricky exclaimed in excitement.

Then, from the Devourer Zone, he took out the Ice Ganoderma Lucidum he got from the Treasure Tower of the Snow Sect. He also got the superior elixir Heather had given him -- the Sacred Essence Pill!

The Ice Ganoderma Lucidum's nature was that of ice, while the Sacred Essence Pill's was fire. These pills were perfect for the conditions of cultivating the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula.

Before the main breakthrough, he first needed to make a development in the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula. Otherwise, the break through would make his combat power grow like that of an ordinary warrior at the state of Blood Purification.

Performing this kind method would give him a big boost in power.

As soon as Ricky started the Devouring Skill and the Devourer Zone, he directly absorbed the frosty power in the Ice Ganoderma Lucidum and the infernal power in the Sacred Essence Pill.

Drenched by such extreme powers, he did not get away from the agony and pain. The process was so painful that it was comparable to being gnawed by ten thousand ants!

Ricky's body trembled as the pain ate his insides.

Right after the first process, he proceeded to perform the Second Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula. The pain and agony lingered all throughout his body. Luckily, being the genius warrior that he was, he reached its peak in only four days.

"This is the moment!" Ricky was determined to break through. He mustered up his courage and fought back the relentless pain that tortured his body.

After the Second Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining formula, he then unleashed the Devouring Skill and Devourer Zone. It was not long before they reached their peak. Suddenly, the frosty power and infernal power that were absorbed during the process poured into his whole body.

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