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   Chapter 87 Reappearing Of Devouring Power

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Suddenly, there was a loud sound, similar to that of cloth ripping.

The next moment, the Endless Flushing Strike of Lyndon was thoroughly ripped to shreds by Ricky's sharp claws, turning into the force of flushing tree.

Ricky bounced back into the arena. His strong intuition told him that obliterating Lyndon's Endless Flushing Strike wasn't going to be an easy task.

As expected, right as Ricky set foot in the arena, two Endless Flushing Strikes appeared suddenly at the same spot where Ricky had torn apart the first one. The power and strength of these two strikes were exactly the same as the first one.

"Just as I expected! This is why endless strike has its name!" Ricky murmured to himself.

"Good deflection, but it will be worthless when I'm finished with you!" Lyndon said coldly after Ricky managed to escape the strikes he hurled at him. Lyndon waved his saber, flinging two other Endless Flushing Strikes at Ricky.

Now that his method had been exposed, Lyndon decided to adopt a frontal attack. His speed would be so incredibly rapid that even warriors at the first grade of Blood Purification wouldn't have time to respond.

'I'll try using Five Beasts Arts again!'

Ricky thought to himself. He used both the tiger and deer cultivation methods of Five Beasts Arts to form two sharp claws, and then struck at the two Endless Flushing Strikes with all his might.


The sound of this collision rang loudly. Ricky was able to smash the two Endless Flushing Strikes into piece, but his hands were now wounded and bleeding.

To make things worse, because of the presence of the force of flushing tree, the two Endless Flushing Strikes regenerated again rapidly.

Fortunately, the deer-imitating cultivation method of Five Beasts Arts could also be restored rapidly. Ricky retreated quickly, dodging yet another strike.

But deep inside, Ricky was growing more excited. He was now sure of one thing.

He had realized how to deal with the Endless Flushing Strike.

If someone with sharp eyes looked carefully, they would have determined that the force of flushing tree coming from Lyndon's hands was disintegrating rapidly because of Ricky's devouring runes.

'My devouring runes have been able to devour its force! If I kill Lyndon, I can tel

casting master at Demi-spirit Level. So we should do our best to make a good impression on him. We should try to make him feel confident about our clan."



"Kill me? How dare you try to kill me?" Lyndon growled at Ricky as he staggered up awkwardly. His arrogance and pride were totally shattered.

"Huh? Why shouldn't I? If it hadn't been for the wrong time and place, you wouldn't have been alive now, let alone shouting at me here!" Ricky replied disdainfully.


"How handsome Ricky is!" The adoring eyes of the disciples of the Shui Clan now all turned to Ricky, shining with admiration. As for Lyndon, now he was a good for nothing loser to them.

"Dora, it would seem to me that you're wrong about him this time," Agnes said with a smile.

"Humph!" Dora sneered, leaving hurriedly without casting a backward glance at Lyndon. Even though Lyndon was a genius from the innate spirit family, so what? Now that he failed, she was determined to never look at him again.

'Ricky! A disciple of the Snow Sect!' Dora mused to herself. There was neither a trace of hatred nor rage.


"Ugh! Go to hell!" Defeat had made Lyndon lose his head. Feeling like he had now nothing to lose, he directly gathered the force of flushing tree in his hands, re-generated his strength and then struck at Ricky.

But he was also stopped in his tracks by the grandmaster of the Sage Faction.

"Lyndon, you have lost. Please step down from the arena. It won't do you any good to continue fighting."

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