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   Chapter 86 Lyndon From The Family of Greenhill

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 8287

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As the roaring flames reached the peak, Ricky's body and his saber instantly transformed into a flame furnace, rushing like a lionhearted deer at his opponent.

A loud noise ran through the arena! "Clang!"

With their weapons colliding together again and again, the sounds of combat resounded through the air as sparks flew. The force of roaring flame outshone and scorched the force of flushing tree. But the force of flushing tree which boasted infinite vitality surged with a stronger power in a flash.

The two warriors' robes fluttered and whistled as air flew through them.

In a split second they had vanished, appearing on the other side of the arena instantaneously. The disciples present had no time to even digest what had happened. They could only turn their heads in shock to see the two warriors' sabers cross together violently, and their fists collide fiercely as well.

Back and forth, they shuttled from one side to another side, fighting intensely. It was a well-matched battle.

As the collision grew more and more volatile, the saber-light along with the murderous intent in the young man's eyes became much, much stronger. He became a merciless warrior and thought only of fierce attack. He forged ahead and moved forward without any thought of defending himself.

"That warrior has definitely used another cultivation method, a method could help to improve saber-light as well as murderous intent," a disciple in the crowd speculated.

Under such an aggressive attack, Ricky had to activate his Second Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula and dual powers to counter the mysterious young man. However, it barely broke even. If Ricky wanted to win, he would have to use other maneuvers.


After a round of intense combat, Ricky and that young men parted for the first time with an earsplitting sound.

They stopped and looked at each other, both stone-faced.

They both knew that it would be meaningless to continue to tie. Only if they played their ace moves would the winner be determined.

"We are peers and entered the same realm of martial arts. You have been the first opponent who has ever been able to keep up with me to this degree," the mysterious young man broke the silence "So now, I will tell you my name, because I want you to know who it is that defeated you."

"Finally!" Ricky replied softly.

"I am Lyndon from the family of Greenhill - an innate spirit clan in West Desolate Land. You should rememb


Ricky clutched his saber and leaped through the air. It looked and sounded like he had turned into a ferocious tiger in the arena.

Ricky crouched low ground like an aggressive tiger who was waiting for a golden opportunity to strike his prey. His eyes gleamed red, glowing intensely.

'What is Ricky going to do? Is this a cultivation method?' many disciples from Shui Clan felt confused. They looked at each other, shaking their heads.

"It could be a cultivation method related to fierce beasts! His roar and posture just now was emulating the actions of a ferocious tiger!"

Yes! Ricky had used the tiger-imitating cultivation method from the Five Beasts Arts.

Suddenly, it was clear to everyone that Ricky's body now revealed a virtual shadow of scarlet tiger with his roar echoing through the whole arena. His fore feet stepped toward to counter Lyndon's Endless Flushing Strike.

"Incompetent cultivation method! You will soon fail!" Lyndon growled angrily, his lips curling up in contempt. This young nobody dared to pull this trick!

Endless Flushing Strike was hurtling towards Ricky now.

Ricky meanwhile moved quickly, turning into a real tiger with his bent legs giving a sharp kick. In the soil of the arena, the tiger's footprints had embedded themselves. The disciples gasped and leaned forward to see better.

Promptly Ricky jumped straight at Endless Flushing Strike, meeting it mid-air.

His hands were shaped like tiger's paws and his Second Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula reached the peak. Instantly, the Endless Flushing Strike of Lyndon seemed to succumb to the control of Ricky's palm.

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