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   Chapter 85 A More Formidable Opponent than Rufus

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At the moment when the two women burst into the blood power of innate spirit, everyone knew that the winner was going to be decided in the next few seconds.

With strong momentum, their bodies were slowly suspended in the air, and all their power had been gathered into their two palms.

The combined strength of intense vapor and the blood power of innate spirit made them look like noble queens, making most of the men present desire them.

"The blood power of innate spirit -- the palm of mist!" With a delicate shout, Dora made a palm with her beautiful hands. A subtle palm of mist came at Agnes through the space between them.

Agnes gave a loud shout and responded with the same palm of mist.


The roar resounded through the sky. Instantly, the warriors' figures were shrouded by mist as they remained suspended in the air.


It was the familiar sound of someone spitting blood. Dora quickly withdrew from the mist and knelt on the ground, blood pooling in the corners of her little mouth.

In the mist, however, Agnes remained standing, unscathed.

But everyone soon noticed that Agnes's body was changing at that moment. The strong mist now fused with a trace of blood vitality. It was a sign of the Blood Purification state.

Nevertheless, Agnes did not actually reach the realm of Blood Purification. Just like Rufus, she was at a critical point. Most referred to it as the Half-step to Blood Purification.

"So you've had one foot in the Blood Purification state!" Dora staggered to her feet and said indignantly as she wiped the blood from her mouth.

"Yes, it's the Half-step to Blood Purification now, and I will reach the Blood Purification state any time!" Agnes replied.

"If that's the case, I am justified in my defeat!" Dora said through gritted teeth.

Even if she was not satisfied, she knew her defeat could not be denied.

"Well, sister, it looks like the Purity Faction are going to get control of the Billow City this time." Up in the dais, the grandmaster of Purity Faction said to the Sage Faction.

"Not necessarily. Although Ricky is incredibly powerful, I don't think he will win over the disci

ursed her lips and darted a malicious look at Agnes. The message was clear, "Even if I lost, my partner will win valiantly."

Agnes ignored her. She didn't give a damn.

Did Ricky lack the Light Apperception that had been comprehended by the mysterious youth?

Not to be outdone, Ricky then turned his saber's hilt, where the intense energy was now rising. The sharp momentum confronting far away with that of the mysterious youth.

It could be determined that Ricky's saber-light had already exceeded 10 percent.

Yes, Ricky hadn't just been practicing the Five Beasts Arts during the three rest days. He was also comprehending the Light Apperception, and with the aid of the Devourer Zone and the Chaos Manual, he could summon saber-light anytime and anywhere.

A few days ago, Ricky had finally succeeded in comprehending ten percent of the saber-light.

"Look, Ricky's got the saber-light too!" Disciples of the Purity Faction shouted, their eyes sparkling with the excitement of it all.

Dora's face darkened immediately, and the mysterious young man's eyes grew fiercer. He frowned angrily.

"Go to hell!"

The young man directly launched the cultivation method of steps without hesitation. With a roar, the saber fell out of his hand. The blue spiritual energy turned into saber-light and came at Ricky.

"Since you have the wooden natured spiritual energy, then I will burn you with infernal power!" he roared with fury.

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