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   Chapter 84 Conflicts

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"Runic power! I can't believe it! Ricky knows how to use runic power!"

The grandmasters were amazed at the strength Ricky mustered.

It seemed that not only did he now have a spiritual meridian with two properties, but he was also able to cultivate manuals. They had never heard of someone who had such a rare spiritual meridian, much less met them in person!

"The Snow Sect is definitely going to extent much effort to train this young man! He has much potential and promise. There's a high possibility that he could become a spiritual king one day!"

As they exchanged glances with each other, they seemed to come to a mutual understanding: they had to try and get Ricky to join their faction, or at least get close to him.

They were quite confident that they would at least manage to get close to him.

For, from the ancient days to the present, heroes loved beauties. In the Snow Land, their clan, the Shui Clan, had always boasted the most beauties of all the clans. Besides, it could be deduced that Ricky and Agnes were getting closer and closer.

"It looks like that Jason and Elsa are going to lose," the grandmaster from the Groom Faction said with a sigh.

"Oh, don't be so upset. You know that you can still have a third of all the resources this year," the grandmaster from Sage Faction retorted.

"All the outsiders think that we are competing with each other for the resources. What the young ones don't know is we're just pretending that we can't get along with each other to motivate our disciples!" she added.


"Agnes, I wouldn't mind if you lean on my shoulder to get some rest. Don't worry. I won't charge you for anything," Ricky said with a cunning smile. He had seen that Agnes could hardly stand anymore, so he went to her to offer his support.

Feeling Ricky holding her arms with his warm hands, Agnes wanted to refuse his offer. Words rushed to her lips, fighting to come out, but she swallowed them eventually. She was so tired.

Ricky could see on Agnes' face that she was a little reluctant to let him help her, so he dropped the teasing tone at once. He had a feeling that if he kept messing around with her, she would definitely give him a kick he wouldn't soon forget.

"Agnes, we've successfully passed the Bronze Men Array. But how do we get out?" Ricky asked.

"We have to wait for the results of the other two factions. We'll know once they pass or fail the array," Agnes replied softly.

Then she closed her eyes and began to heal her wound through cultivation.


About half an hour later, the hall shook a little, which

dging from their attitudes toward each other, it seemed that Agnes and Dora held grudges against each other. Ricky shuddered. Sometimes, the resentment women cultivated could be scarier than that of men's.

Gathering her energy, Dora activate Overlapping Wave Palm and struck at Agnes. To Ricky, it looked like Dora used all her strength.

Agnes refused to show inferiority, choosing to block Dora with Overlapping Wave Palm as well.

Some of their moves were so graceful that they looked as though they were dancing around the arena. However, everyone present could tell that they were hitting each other with all their might.

Starting with Triple Waves Palm, they had now escalated to using Octuple Waves Palm. However, they were still tied, each warrior holding up her end of the battle.

Most of the disciples were amazed that both Agnes and Dora had already mastered Octuple Waves Palm.

Since they couldn't beat each other with Overlapping Wave Palm, the women knew that the only way to break the tie was to see whose blood power of innate spirit was more powerful.

"Hah!" both warriors shouted with all their might. There were glowing mists surrounding their bodies and their power instantly surged to the level of Blood Purification.

If Ricky had paid more attention, he would have noticed that the mysterious young man had been observing Agnes' and Dora's changes while they were activating the blood power of innate spirit.

He was looking at their moves very carefully. He appeared to be observing the changes of their blood intently, greed written all over his eyes.


"Agnes! I will beat you!"

With the blood power of innate spirit, Agnes and Dora began to hurl strikes at each other again.

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