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   Chapter 83 Breaking The Bronze Men Array

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Whistling a low tune, Ricky regarded his enemies with slightly raised brows. "So, this is the third challenge for us, huh? Luckily, there are only ten bronze men in the array. We'll surely win against them in no time!" He let out a chuckle filled with uncertainty, trying to ease up his nerves while he examined his opponents tactically changing their positions in lieu of the incoming menace.

Despite his initial positivity, his eyes narrowed in unbridled focus as he assessed the scene before him with a seriousness only veteran warriors could exhibit during battle. He clenched his teeth, knowing that his prior words were a mere attempt to diffuse the high difficulty of the trial they were to face. The strengths of their adversaries were not to be taken lightly. He knew how much of it could potentially damage his own body the moment he exerted his internal strength as a test to see the extent of their prowess. It was borderline startling how they were more powerful than fifty wooden men. He felt intimidated and alarmed, even with their few numbers. He could see by now that he would be entering a brutal zone.

He gripped his long saber, a steely gaze gauging the capabilities of both teams. He had to have firm will and determination to win in order to have a chance at defeating the bronze puppets. No pure and unabashed might would be enough to take them down; he needed to enact a clever plan.

"Hey, Agnes. Do you know any of their weaknesses?" Ricky asked, his mind turning its gears as he struggled to concoct a flawless strategy to take advantage of their frailer sides.

Agnes shook her head in dismay. "I'm afraid not. The Trio Array was introduced into the competition four years ago. During that time, only the men of the Sage Faction succeeded in reaching this level. Contenders from the Purity Faction and the Groom Faction have not even seen it in the past; let alone attain any knowledge of their weakness." Ricky's face scrunched up with worry.

"Well, it appears that we're going to have to face a really difficult problem."

She looked back at him and nodded, sensing his apprehension.

"Yes, I'm ready for that." Metallic screeches scraped against the other and created high-pitched noises that hurt the pair's ears.

The horde was starting to move at a fast pace, their tumultuous steps creating a barricade that soon encircled them.

They had no time to react from the ambush, only able to tense up in defense as brass bars suddenly manifested from their foes' hands while dashing towards them in an organized manner.

Strikes and lashes released from the collision of opposing forces signified the beginning of the long exhausting warfare. Agnes did not dare take leisure in blocking their attacks, not with their power carrying the level of Blood Purification. She was able to resist the aggressiveness of one or two tools, but she had to put her life on the line if she were to combat them all.

Ricky glanced at her in between his own engagements, uneasy with the thought of her getting beaten badly. He acknowledged that Agnes was more than capable of handling herself but he believed he had a responsibility to avoid on any fatal injuries to befall on his companion. They only had each other to depend on after all, and so, he willingly took the majority of their rivals head on.

Flames licked at the metal of his blade and emitted a heat only he could take. He maximized its power; parrying the flurry of russet arms threatening to incapacitate him. He swung and dodged until he managed to receive a momentary break from the ruthless scuffle. Heaving dee

his breakthrough.

He held his breath as his frantic eyes jumped to one body to the next. Suddenly, he was struck with a realization that his saber had successfully left cracks on their chestnut exteriors.

"Maybe there isn't any array power in them?" he mumbled, puzzled by his finding.

If that were the case, it should not have been possible for the array to be stronger than the mobs they had fought previously. He could still vividly recall the shadow marks left as trails of evidence to the cuts his weapon had tried to inflict on them. Those stone and wooden men did not break into pieces as it should have because of the array power embedded in their forms.

But then, if the bronze array had possessed the same skill as the former legions, he would not have been able to leave deep cuts caused by his inexorable slashes.

Unless, its aim was to solely break down their dissidents' real strength.

He startled upon his new discovery. Their physiques bore no weaknesses and no array powers; all they had was their own pugnacious strengths that equaled to a warrior at the first grade of Blood Purification. The only way to triumph over the mob was to harbor a power stronger than theirs.


Ricky grinned, mustering all his momentum to unleash the devouring runes from within. With those runes' help, he made it to the second grade of Blood Purification.

It renewed his being; baptizing him with fresh and unrestrained vigor that permitted him to slash through his nearest enemy.


The metal ripped like a loose thread from a broken hem before it split into halves and fell on the solid ground heavily.

'I was right! It all depends on true strength!' he sighed, mitigation and glee prancing around in his chest.

He proceeded to take them down one by one; raising his saber and plunging it countless of times into the puppets without any remorse. In a span of a few seconds, he had emerged gloriously undefeated as he stood on top of the fragments scattered along the floor.

Ricky and Agnes shared a look brimming with the pride of conquering their last mission.

He breathed in ease, oblivious to the panting of his partner almost on the verge of fainting from the tenacious exercise. At last, they were crowned champions. All their efforts paid off, with Ricky even managing to receive the bonus of reaching the second stage of Blood Purification.

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