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   Chapter 81 Mysterious Man, Jason

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 9089

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It was another day meant for combat as all of the Shui Clan anticipated with much delight in their bodies. Everyone was excited to see the competition among the three factions of the Shui Clan. Who would be the best one?

The clan held secrets, lots of secrets. One of them was the location of the Trio Array of the Shui Clan. The location was preserved and only known to some of their warriors.

Meanwhile, several Elders of Purity Faction led Agnes and Ricky as well as some genius disciples of Purity Faction to an isolated hall. It was secluded, the alleyway dark and narrow. Agnes and Ricky were nervous and excited at the same time as to what the Elders had in store for them.

Two groups of people could be seen in the hall--the Groom Faction and the Sage Faction.

Upon entering the hall, Ricky saw the people sitting on the clouds of spiritual energy high in the sky. Ricky was amazed to see how they floated gracefully up there. These three were the demi-immortal grandmasters of Shui Clan, the powerful and respected warriors.

The demi-immortals could not only make spiritual energy wings for flying, but also form spiritual energy clouds to sit on. The demi-immortals sat on their respective clouds and gave them a nod, a signal which meant that they could enter the hall.

The Elders of the three factions talked to each other rather quietly, as if they had something planned that was already taking effect. They whispered--only they themselves could hear each other. Based on their body language and their lip read, they were all confident that the control over Billow City would be theirs.

During this time, Agnes introduced the competitors of the other two factions to Ricky.

The Sage Faction, which had controlled the Billow City for three years in a row, sent Dora Shui to join the competition this time. She represented the whole of the faction and was expected to win the battle. Of course, everyone in the Sage Faction rooted for her to bag the win for the fourth consecutive year. But there was someone odd in the hall, someone invited by Dora who seemed to be very mysterious. The Purity Faction did some research on him but still, to their dismay, and no matter how deep they tried to dig, they still weren't able to figure out who he was and what his background was.

In the battle yesterday, no one could hardly take a punch from this young man, including disciples at the peak of the first grade of Blood Purification. The warrior was strong, and that was as far as they could go in describing him.

After hearing Agnes' introduction, Ricky shifted his gaze to the Sage Faction. He looked at them and started to wonder who would be the man Agnes just described. Alas, he found

lenge the Stone Men Array," Agnes whispered softly. The watery spiritual energy had emerged from her body.

Right after Agnes's words, a clicking sound was suddenly heard.

Wooden limbs started to move as the Wooden Men ran towards them with great speed.

They soon formed a line just like a long snake. All of them stared at Ricky and Agnes ghastly.

"It seems that the competition has started. Agnes, we'd better not separate. Otherwise we would possibly be defeated by these wooden men one by one," Ricky suggested.

Meanwhile, he gathered ideas on how to pass the Wooden Men Array. 'Do we take them one by one or do we just slide our way to the staircase and go up?' Ricky thought to himself.

"I know, Ricky, this is the reason why two people are needed to participate in the competition. In this Trio Array, even the warriors at the third grade of Blood Purification could not always watch out for things behind them," Agnes replied.

The next moment, they stood back to back, and took out their weapons, getting ready to fight. They summoned up all their energies as they were preparing for one woody battle.

Suddenly, booming sounds filled the hall. They looked everywhere as they searched for the source of the sounds.

The moment they took out their weapons, the Wooden Men Array moved rapidly, rounded them up and trapped them in the center. Sticks suddenly appeared in the wooden men's hands as they were programmed to.

Every stick in the wooden men's hands corresponded to the power of the array. The wooden men were not that easy to defeat for they all matched the power of a warrior at the peak of eighth grade of Skin Refinement. Ricky and Agnes moved closer together, back to back, as they held their weapons in an attacking stance ready to fight their lifeless opponents.

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