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   Chapter 80 Trio Array

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"Grr! I'll kill you!"

Alan's howl rang through the silence like sudden thunder. Fumbling to get up from the ground, he broke out in full force.

The power he exuded was characteristic of the first grade of Blood Purification. It burst forth in full swing.

Immediately, Alan pulled out his weapon from his back and turned his palms forward. The weapon quickly expanded and became a black iron spear.

"The Earthlight Iron Spear!"

With a shout, Alan ran and leaped high in the ring, spear in hand. All his strength was concentrated on the spear, which burst into a powerful blaze and hurtled towards Ricky.

"Haven't you realized what you're up against?" Ricky said coldly, calmly watching Alan's infuriated attack.

Ricky burst into flames and pulled out his Iron Destroyer, red spiritual energy surrounding it instantly. Ricky then spun around at a high speed and swung the long saber from above.

"Clang!" The two weapons collided, and Alan's black spear was flung away. Meanwhile, however, Ricky's long saber flew straight at Alan.

The sight of the rapidly approaching blade thrust Alan into a state of panic and despair, and he stood frozen, forgetting how to deflect it.

If this had happened elsewhere, Ricky would have killed Alan without mercy. But it was inappropriate to do so in the house of Shui Clan. Instantly, he twisted his weapon and gave Alan a tremendous blow to the chest with the back of his long saber.

With a grunt, Alan fell backwards into the ring again, bleeding this time.

But unlike before, however, he failed to get up and instead passed out on the spot. Ricky studied him for a few moments, wondering if he was faking it or not.

A stunned silence fell over the crowd, but only briefly.

Soon the chatter increased exponentially, like the start of a rain shower. They talked about the man in the ring and Agnes.

In an instant, all the attention had completely shifted from Alan to Ricky.

Sherry was startled out of her dazed shock by the loud chatter, her beautiful eyes full of bitterness. She stared at Ricky and Agnes angrily, feeling hatred develop for Alan.

"It seems you were right, sister. Disciples of the Snow Sect are by no means easy to defeat. It was a truly wise choice to send Agnes ther

icant improvement, for it had definitely made Ricky as fast as any warrior at the second grade of Blood Purification.

'I don't think the Five Beasts Arts is merely a inferior Black Level cultivation method. I'm suspecting that because it hasn't been practiced by warriors for so long, its importance was forgotten and its rank consequently dropped, ' Ricky thought to himself.

Agnes arrived early on the day of the faction competition.

"Ha-ha, did you miss me these past three days, Agnes my beauty?" Ricky teased as he opened the door to greet her.

"The parameters of the contest have been determined. It is to be the Trio Array!" Agnes said, ignoring Ricky's teasing.

"Trio Array? It's a type of array, is it?" Ricky asked.

"Yes, but not exactly!"

"What do you mean?"

"Well first of all, the Trio Array has the power of an array, which means they attack us. But they are controlled by the method of puppet, just as we manipulate puppets!" Agnes explained.

"Puppets mean they have no mind of their own... Isn't that good for us?" Ricky clarified.

"Yes, but that's also a downside! For a thing with no cognitive abilities doesn't feel fear!" Agnes said, shaking her head.

"That makes sense!" Ricky mused and nodded, "So what exactly is a Trio Array?"

"Wooden Men Array, Stone Men Array, and Bronze Men Array! And if two factions pass the Trio Array and there's a tie, the final result will be decided in a battle," Agnes explained. It would be an interesting challenge.

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