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   Chapter 78 Billow City

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"Then why did you do it?" Agnes asked, stunned at Ricky's question.

"I'm not sure, but maybe it was because of the fiery rage inside me!" Ricky replied.

"I know what you mean!" Agnes nodded. She was all too familiar with the feeling.

"Ricky, why have you been cultivating yourself?" she asked.

"To protect myself and the people around me," Ricky replied.

"Then why can't you extend a hand to the weak you encounter? Would you really have felt good later on if you didn't save these villagers today?" Agnes probed again.

"I wouldn't have," Ricky admitted.

"Some of my family's ancestors said that, though the world follows the law of the survival of the fittest, sometimes the strong must find it in their hearts to protect the weak. It is their morality," Agnes said.

"I'm not so sure of the meaning, but I'm convinced that it is right.

The competitiveness of the martial arts world tells us not to be kind, to be individualistic, but at times doing justice and rescuing even the most lowly life is easy for us, so why wouldn't we?"

"That does make sense!" Ricky said after hearing Agnes' explanation.

While he couldn't fairly understand these sentences from the ancestors of the Shui clan, it seemed that he had begun to scratch the surface of these proverbs.

Now that he had the power to uphold justice, why did he give it up? It was supposed to be human nature for him to do the right thing. However, he should control the justice and do the right thing at the right time, with wisdom, discernment, and tact.

Ricky felt suddenly enlightened as he realized these things.

"Agnes, thank you for explaining that to me!" Ricky said to Agnes.

"You're welcome, Ricky. I just passed on the words of my ancestors." Agnes felt a little shy at Ricky's gratitude.


Before they knew it, they had arrived at Billow City. They had been talking all the while about martial arts and cultivation.

Billow City was lo

n three years since we have lost the ruling position over Billow City, so the Grandmaster has decided to reward the disciple who can win back the role for our faction," an elder said, after gesturing at Agnes to acknowledge her apology.

Not only the ten disciples of the Shui clan but also the ten men including Ricky were so excited upon hearing the words. The reward from a demi-immortal must be good, so the male warriors were eager to get their share too.

The five elders on the dais nodded at the sight of the young warriors stirring with excitement. This vigor was what they wanted to see.

"All right then. You may have a rest today. Tomorrow we have preliminaries to determine who will represent us and thus compete with the other factions!" The elder went on to say.

"One more thing, as the Shui's disciples, you should orient the swordsmen well."

"Yes, Elder!" The disciples echoed.

"Well, you are dismissed!"


"Humph! You'll see tomorrow!" Sherry said viciously to Agnes as she walked out of the hall.

"Enjoy today, boy! You might never get off the bed after tomorrow!" Sherry's male companion warned Ricky threateningly.

"Ricky, they're idiots. Don't listen to them!" Agnes said, rolling her eyes. She was leading Ricky away with her delicate and slim hands.

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