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   Chapter 75 Reaching Blood Purification

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Inside the Spiritual Energy Gathering Array, thousands of strands of pure energy poured into Ricky's and Edgar's body continuously. Both of their powers and cultivation levels were being improved sharply with every passing second. Smoothly the strands sailed as they not only enhanced their strength, but also healed them from their deficiencies.

They felt as if their bodies were burning with fire as the pure energy constantly circulated their vessels. Sweat came out of their foreheads as the intense heat engulfed them. The change in Ricky was more obvious, though, for he absorbed the spiritual energy way faster than Edgar.

On day six, Edgar's body shook all of a sudden. The aura of blood vitality around his body sprang up with a loud crash. The blood in his body circulated so violently that people could even hear it loud and clear.

Without a question, this incident was a clear sign indicating that Edgar had already successfully broken through into the Blood Purification. He was now an official warrior of Blood Purification.

Edgar was at the ninth grade of Skin Refinement, the highest level of the method. It made sense for him to achieve the next state faster than Ricky. After that, Edgar still did not come to his senses. Instead, he continued to absorb the pure spiritual energy in the Spiritual Energy Gathering Array, so as to consolidate his controlling ability over the power at the first grade of Blood Purification. Ricky, on the other hand, kept working on his breaking-through process while perspiring heavily all throughout his body.

But on the seventh day, he rose from his position and eagerly checked himself. To him, this was his big day.

The last six days' cultivation had set the stage for him to the next step.

He activated the Devouring Skill, and enforced the Devourer Zone. Then he picked out a stand of forceful spiritual energy and transferred it into the Zone. After the energy was strengthened in the zone, he injected it into his spiritual meridian.

As the name suggested, Blood Purification was the process of absorption of the spiritual energy of heaven and earth to refine the warrior's blood.

Blood carried the energy the body needed and circulated in the vessels to keep the flesh alive. The more powerful the energy in the blood was, the stronger the body would be, and the more invincible a warrior became. The warrior with this enormous energy would be able to perform at the peak of his power for a long period of time.

Theoretically, he who reached the stage of Blood Purification would not need to sleep to recover himself as long as he kept his blood vitality powerful. That was the significant difference between the warrior of Skin Refinement and that of Blood Purification.

Ricky activated his spiritual meridian to break the pure spiritual energy into thousands of strands. Immediately, those strands immersed into every vein. Then the energy started to eliminate the impurities and purify his blood to cleanse him.

It was by no means a comfortable process. Ricky was in pain as his whole body trembled with burning heat. He was engulfed with agony. Ricky proceeded with his refinement as he gritted his teeth to endure it and kept in mind that if there was no pain, there was no gain.

Finally, blood vitality was released from his blood, which marked the end of this painful and almost torture of a procedure. Alas, Ricky was born into the world of Blood Purification.

Every pore on his body slightly opened, and innumerable streams of blood vitality sprang up, and finally met with the spiritual energy of heaven and earth in the Spiritual Energy Gathering Array.

The moment the two energies bumped into each other, the aura from Ricky changed accordingly. Apart from his spiritual energy, blood vitality was mixed with it.

The fusion of the blood vitality and the spiritual energy would definitely cause a qualitative change to a warrior. That was the reason why the warrior of Blood Purification had an absolute advantage over that of Skin Refinement. Blood was in the innermost portion of the warrior while skin was superficial, hence Blood Purification warriors were surely stronger than Skin Refinement ones.

There were also exceptions, of course. As a genius, Ricky was an excellent example of those who challenged and defeated a warrior of Blood Refinement with a body of Skin Refinement. A legend i

This fact of Ricky's improvement inspired Heather. She practiced even harder than usual. She did not want to lag behind Ricky, as she wanted to be as strong and powerful as him.

Ricky gave the five Blood Purification Pills to Heather as gifts. Now that he had already been a warrior of Blood Purification and owned the Devouring Skill, the Blood Purification Pills were no more useful for him. So he made a kind offer to Heather, and expected her to make some progress.

During the next few days of Ricky's road to improvement, he started to comprehend the Five Beasts Arts. He did whatever it took for him to become an exceptional warrior. Book after book he read, even during afternoons he would practice his craft.

He planned to leave the Snow Sect to experience the world outside the Sect after he finished the cultivation of the Five Beasts Arts. There might be dangers, but only through that could he become stronger and tougher than he had always been.

There were many people who kept an eye on his every move; the Refinement Faction, the Casting Faction, and Nate. Ricky was well aware of that. He had to grow stronger as soon as possible before they had him disappear in the jungle.

He would not make any extravagant wish, for example, to defeat them. But at least, he needed to be strong enough to protect himself from other warriors, bandits, or from any natural disaster that might come his way.

Another reason would be that he wanted freedom away from rules that could prevent him from even killing a fellow sect member even if they tried to prey on him for his powers. He did not feel safe in the Snow Sect even though there was someone protecting him, like Grace, or something protecting him, like one of the rules which stated that fellow disciples of the Snow Sect were forbidden to kill each other. Those people would definitely have a plan on him when they figured out he was too powerful and he would threaten their positions. They would kill him when the chance came. Ricky was certain about that.

Hence, leaving the Sect to experience and toughen himself would be the best choice.

As long as he left this place, he could go anywhere he liked. By that time, the search for him would be like searching for a needle in a haystack for those men.


It did not take long before he got an initial comprehension of the Five Beasts Arts. After that, Ricky was mentally and physically ready to bid goodbye to Grace and leave. However, someone dropped in in the dead of night before he even had the chance to do anything. He glanced at the door and to his surprise, it was Agnes.

Ricky felt rather puzzled at her showing up. He and Agnes barely knew each other and they were not close at all.

But why did she pay him a midnight visit? Was there anything important to talk about in the middle of the night? Ricky thought of all explanations as to why Agnes would go to him, out of all people.

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