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   Chapter 74 The Spiritual Energy Gathering Array

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"Hasn't anyone ever told you that you look like a fool?" Ricky sneered, staring Jerome down.

To Ricky, it was obvious that Rufus just took advantage of Jerome. But Jerome was blind to this, ready to be at Rufus' beck and call constantly.

"What are you talking about?" Jerome shouted indignantly at Ricky's insult.

"Can't you hear me? Are you deaf?" Ricky laughed sourly, turning away. He couldn't be bothered to talk to Jerome anymore.

"Don't be so reckless! You're asking for trouble!

You better apologize to me! And return the Treasures from Heaven and Earth to their rightful owner! If you don't give them to Rufus, I'm going to beat you to a pulp!" Jerome shouted, rushing to attack Ricky.

His blood vitality and spiritual energy emerged from him in a flash. With his right fist surrounded by his thunderous power, Jerome struck at Ricky.

'Jerome's punch is much less forceful than Nate's. It appears that it's only been a few days since he had a breakthrough to Blood Purification!' Ricky thought, assessing the power of Jerome's fist. He was calm, knowing there was nothing to fear.

Gently pushing Heather aside, Ricky stepped forward and casually threw a punch.

He approached Jerome in the same way he had dealt with Nate. Channeling all his strength and making use of the devouring runes, Ricky's fist collided against Jerome's in a powerful punch.

"Bang!" With a loud thump, Jerome flew backwards and fell to the ground with a heavy thud.

Rufus was stunned by what he witnessed.

"How can this be!?" he couldn't help but exclaim. Although Jerome wasn't a genius in martial arts, he was nonetheless an excellent warrior at the first grade of Blood Purification. So how could he have been knocked down by Ricky with one blow?

As for Jerome, he was flabbergasted. He stared up at Ricky, scared out of wits.

"From now on, you should first figure out whether you stand a chance of defeating your opponent before you go and try to fight others' battles for them," Ricky said coldly, staring back down at Jerome.

Ricky turned his head to glare at Rufus. "If you want to take revenge on me, you can fight with me yourself. Or better yet, find a better warrior to do your bidding!" he spat.

With these words, Ricky left with Heather without a backward glance, leaving Rufus and Jerome behind to watch him walk away.

Rufus growled indignantly, but Jerome still lay sprawled on the ground, completely stunned.


After returning to his courtyard, Ricky ga

e spiritual energy of heaven and earth. The spiritual energy inside the array zone is over ten times more intense than that of other place.

But all of the arrays need the support of special Treasures from Heaven and Earth. And the Treasures from Heaven and Earth for this Spiritual Energy Gathering Array can support it in working and performing its function for ten entire days.

So in the following ten days, you will focus on your cultivation here. What level of the cultivation you achieve by the time ten days are up is entirely up to you."

"Understood, Master Zenith!" Edgar nodded.

"Even if we can just cultivate at this amazing place for only ten days, it would be tantamount to practicing outside for one hundred days, maybe even more!" Ricky gasped, reeling from the shock.

Zenith took out a large container of meat out of his Storage Ring and told them, "This is your food for ten days. You should take every opportunity to cultivate in the next few days!"

With these words, Zenith disappeared. He had teleported away.

Exchanging tentative glances, Ricky and Edgar nodded and then sat down with their legs crossed, to begin their cultivation.

They both knew they had to seize this once in a lifetime opportunity to cultivate. Not a second would be wasted!

Since the pure spiritual energy here was twenty times denser than any other place outside, it gave Ricky and Edgar different feelings and experiences during the cultivation. They felt that they reached the higher levels at a rapid speed.

Ricky, with his Devouring Skill and Devourer Zone, reached the peak of the ninth grade of Skin Refinement within only two days. Amazing!

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