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   Chapter 72 Five Beasts Arts

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"What's the matter with you? You were beaten by a guy at Skin Refinement!" On the Snow Vulture's back, Sean asked coldly, as he wished to slap Nate to death.

"I apologize, my senior." Both his eyes were on the ground, and his eyebrows touched for Nate felt immensely terrible about himself. There was nothing, no explanation he could do to change what Sean thought of him.

"Well, it actually doesn't matter that you lost. A man without a complete spiritual meridian will not be compared to you in any way!" Sean did not want to have the conversation any longer, so he waved his hand and said, "But his runic power is really weird!" Sean said, squinting his eyes in both disgust and amazement. Sean had witnessed what Ricky's punch was capable of. And to his astonishment, Ricky was far more powerful than he had ever witnessed in the Outer Competition.

Sean and Nate had no words to describe how terrible the match went so they turned their backs on the courtyard and left. On the other hand, Ricky let them go with no intention for a conversation and breathed rapidly.

As much as Ricky won the match, Nate wore him down. Nate was a Blood Purification warrior whose strength did a solid damage to Ricky, who hadn't fully recovered from the Outer Competition. His punches made Ricky catch his breath.

Ricky was tired from the battle. His muscles were sore and his eyes could no longer stay open. He opted for a rest and went home after the match. He plopped in his bed and recuperated for a day until he was ready to go out. The next morning, he asked Heather to go with him and collect the prize from the Outer Competition that he had won.

Ricky's muscles still felt worn out and he needed more than just rest to continue regaining the peak of his strength. Heather and Ricky decided to go to the Medicine Pavilion first to get some pills they had won. Heather received ten Spiritual Energy Nourishing Pills, while Ricky got ten Blood Purification Pills. He wanted to do better than how he performed during the last battle and he did whatever it took him to get to the peak of his power again. Ricky realized that he didn't need that much Blood Purification Pills. And like a gentleman that he was, he generously gave not one, but five of his Blood Purification Pills to Heather.

Even without a Blood Purification Pill, Ricky had the confidence to break through and reach the Blood Purification state quickly.

Any other warrior of course, would not refuse any blessing given to them. Heather accepted the pills gladly with a smile in her face.

But the trip was not over yet. After Ricky handed out the pills, the two went to the Weapons Hall. On the third floor, good weapons were displayed to marvel at. Price tags showed the value of the weapons ranging from cheap to the rare and expensive ones. Ricky and Heather looked around, and tried out several weapons. But there was one that caught Ricky's eyes-- a beautiful long saber.

This saber was quite expensive, but Ricky thought that he earned it fair and square. After all, he won the competition and this was his prize to claim. This long saber was of the intermediate stage of the Mortal Level. It had a name: Iron Destroyer.

"If I were to buy such this saber myself, it would cost at least thirty tho

heard footsteps going down the stairs. She showed Ricky the book that she picked with a smile on her face, like a child with a new toy. Ricky smiled back and looked at the book. It was a cultivation method of steps called the Overlapping Steps.

Their trip went on. They left the Cultivation Method Hall and on they continued their walk to the Treasure Tower of the Snow Sect.

"Heather, what kind of Treasures from Heaven and Earth do you want? I will pick one out for you!" He asked.

Ricky was very generous with Heather that he used his opportunity of choosing two kinds of Treasures from Heaven and Earth in the Treasure Tower. He never got stingy around her and so he decided to choose one for Heather.

"Never mind, Ricky. You will need to get revenge. You could use the two treasures more than I would," Heather shook her head and said.

"It's impossible to promote the strength all at once, and one Treasure from Heaven and Earth will not make me strong in a moment. So, little Heather, I sincerely want to give you one!" Ricky smiled.

"Well, all right then!"

Upon hearing Ricky's words, Heather's cheeks came into a slight blush, and accepted the treasure shyly.

At this moment, Heather no longer refused to be called little Heather as well, because she had recognized Ricky...

"Since you are practicing the cultivation method of water attribute, I will try my best to find you a Treasure from Heaven and Earth of this attribute," Ricky said.

After long walks, they finally arrived at the Treasure Tower of the Snow Sect.

It was an empty place with a huge Treasure Tower made of iron that stood in the middle. Snow surrounded the tower and gave it a chilling feel.

Moreover, few disciples came here for the Treasure Tower was an important place for the Snow Sect, and they were not allowed to visit it at will. They needed permission to visit the place.

"This is the Treasure Tower of great significance. Without permission, disciples of the Sect are forbidden to be here!" Sure enough, as they were less than a hundred meters from the treasure house, a voice echoed through the house. The voice, they thought, might be the voice of an old man.

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