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   Chapter 71 No Longer An Underdog

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"Humph! Make it clear, then, exactly why you're here!" Ricky sneered.

"Well, now that my dear cousin has won the first place in the Outer Competition, of course I am here to congratulate him. However, I would also like to challenge his strength!" Nate said, smiling wickedly.

As soon as the words left his lips, Nate produced a sudden burst of momentum characteristic of the first grade of Blood Purification.

Since Nate owned a four-starred inferior spiritual meridian with fire nature, the momentum of his power burst naturally took on the shape of fire. Fused with the blood vitality of Blood Purification, his entire being transformed into something akin to a furnace, burning hot and sparking.

"You know this is not the place for this!" Grace said coldly, at the sight of Nate preparing for battle.

It dawned on Ricky that his cousin had come to humiliate him.

Having just won the first place in the Outer Competition, Ricky had surmounted on the first high point of his martial arts career. From hereafter, he had been given the opportunity to march forward.

Knowing Nate's strength, it would be highly possible that Ricky would be badly injured if he was hit hard.

Nate had come at the right time.

Nate had traumatized Ricky by betraying their friendship and stabbing him from behind. If he could drag Ricky down again when he just won the Outer Competition, he knew Ricky might stay down for the rest of his life whenever it came to cultivation.

For Ricky, his cousin's betrayal was worse than being killed. As the saying went, "To kill someone truly is to break his heart."

"Well, my little brother and the so-called genius of the Nan Clan, are you really going to hide behind a woman?" Ignoring Grace's words, Nate mocked Ricky and stared at him.

"Please leave!" Grace said it again, moving forward to assert herself.

But Sean stopped her.

"I'll take care of it, Master!" Ricky murmured, giving Grace a reassuring look.

Ricky very well knew that Nate's supporters included not only the second core disciples like Sean, but also those of the innate spirits. Ricky wanted Grace to stay out of this. It was his problem.

And at least, Nate was only at the first grade of Blood Purification. It might be difficult for Ricky to win over his cousin, but he definitely stood a fighting chance.

"Good. I'm pleased to see that being the firs


"Bam!" With a dull thumb, Ricky backed away heavily and left gouges on the ground. But Nate remained where he stood, unmoving.

However, it was obvious that Ricky had emerged unscathed, except for the invisible pain in his arm.

"How is this possible?" Sean said incredulously at the turn of events.

He hurriedly looked at Nate with anxious eyes, trying to ask what had happened. 'How come Ricky wasn't hurt after you hit him?'

Avoiding Sean's questioning gaze, Nate could only stare angrily at his cousin, wanting to kill him in the next round.

But he also had realized that he would never have a chance to carry out his wishes. If he even so much as tried to make another move, Grace would summon a large number of disciples and together would stop him.

"So much for your progress these days!" Ricky said contemptuously, shaking his right hand.

Ricky was rejoicing on the inside. He was thoroughly impressed by the Devouring Skills. He did not expect the Devouring Skill to be so powerful at his first attempt. At least, not to the extent that it would allow him to stand up to a warrior at the first grade of Blood Purification!

"Why are you still here? Let's go!"

Sean said coolly to Nate, itching to leave. He hopped up onto the Snow Vulture's back.

Nate gave Ricky a sharp look full of hatred and followed.

"Ricky, are you all right?" Grace asked Ricky anxiously.

"Don't worry, Master. I am no longer the underdog Ricky that Nate can bully and kick around!" Ricky said coldly as he watched the Snow Vulture become a speck in the distance.

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