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   Chapter 70 'Cousin' And Also 'Enemy'

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"It seems that our chief is quite interested in Edgar's spiritual meridian with dual powers!" some disciples said in a hushed voice.

"Exactly! The spiritual meridian with dual attributes is supposed to be scarcer than the spiritual meridian that can help practice the manuals. As long as Edgar's spiritual meridian is not too weak, he stands a good chance of becoming an innate spirit in the future!"

Apparently, they also had figured out part of the reasons why their sect chief Zenith invited Edgar to be his disciple.

"It's just a great pity that Ricky didn't get the same chance. His spiritual meridian is not only dual-attributed, but also has capabilities for practicing the manuals. Yet, its biggest flaw is that it's incomplete. Due to this irreparable defect, his future achievements will always be limited. Without such a defect, he would definitely have been offered the rare chance!"

Most of them envied Edgar's great luck while also sympathizing with Ricky's misfortune.

Meanwhile, disciples from the Refinement and Casting Faction shot Ricky disdainful looks, as if to say, "You were the CHAMPION of the Outer Competition, and so what? Our chief will never show interest in a guy who doesn't have a complete spiritual meridian."

Ricky didn't care about the looks on their faces, and they were not relevant to him at all. Besides, he couldn't be more aware of his own situation. He of all people knew what he really wanted at present.

An innate spirit as their master, others might desire, but Ricky had little interest in having such a master.

His regained spiritual meridian was now so powerful that it was equivalent to the help of any master.

Right now, the only thing Ricky longed for was to obtain first prize as the champion of the Outer Competition quickly and use it for practice and weapon casting.


"Ricky…" Just when the disciples had relaxed, thinking the day's surprises were over, Zenith's stately voice suddenly broke through the hushed chatter.

"Is… Is our chief going to take Ricky as his disciple as well?" The disciples immediately speculated, paying rapt attention now. Among them, those from the Refinement Faction and Casting Faction, in particular, looked especially concerned.

The two factions were far from weak, and even had demi-immortal elders. Nevertheless, in front of the formidable Zenith and his Snow Sect, they felt small, like weak ants in front of a mountain.

If Ricky became Zenith's disciple, it meant that the two factions could be terribly doomed in the end.

"Yes, Chief!" Ricky responded respe

d her.

When he laid eyes on Nate, pure rage had come over him. For a moment, he had lost his mind, wanting to kill Nate then and there.

But after being through all kinds of hardships, Ricky had become more mature and resilient. He was able to calm himself down, and now had a much more composed expression on his face.

He knew he and Nate were definitely not equal opponents now. Besides, even if he was stronger than Nate, he was not allowed to kill him within the domain of the Snow Sect. If he killed Nate unceremoniously, the cost would be one he couldn't afford—he would be hunted down and killed as well. He knew he had to let Nate leave with his life.

Seeing that Ricky had calmed down, Grace gradually withdrew her strong fighting momentum.

"Ha-ha, Grace, you are doing the right thing. If we fight against each other, it will ruin our harmonious relationship!" Sean chuckled.

"Ricky, aren't you supposed to greet your dear cousin with a smile?" Nate asked, smiling as if he had forgotten what he had done to Ricky and was still Ricky's dear cousin. But Ricky knew his cousin was just taunting him.

"Nate, if you have anything to say, just spit it out and then leave immediately!" Ricky said evenly.

"Ricky, your words really hurt me! As soon as I finished my cultivation, I heard that you won the championship of the Outer Competition. I came here at once to congratulate you!" Nate said, gesturing with his hands. It was clear he was playing a game.

"Nate, do you really think you need to pretend that you care about me? Save it!" Ricky sneered.

"Oh? Well, now... It seems you're right! I'll cut it straight to the chase and tell you why I'm here!" Nate's tone changed, growing hostile.

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