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   Chapter 69 Reward

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Ricky stood straight and tall in the middle of the arena, slowly turning around to take in the sight of the disciples who were paying him respect.

The world of martial arts. The world where strength was everything that mattered. The warrior who possessed this superior power was respected by all. Now, it no longer mattered whether Ricky had the spiritual meridian or not. As long as he was powerful, no one would dare to cross him.

But for the loser, no matter how strong you once were, you would become virtually erased upon defeat.

'My first major goal was to become the top outer disciple in the Snow Sect. Now that I've achieved that, I want to keep going. I will strive to rank among the inner disciples!' Ricky told himself, eyes shining with joy and excitement.


"Who wants to challenge the top three in the outer disciples now?" Elder Evan asked again.

Lean challenged Agnes but was easily beat, further impressing the other disciples with regards to Agnes' power.

Then, Edgar also battled against Agnes. He won, but barely. Agnes slumped her shoulders in disappointment.

Now, the top three outer disciples were Ricky, Rufus and Edgar.

The ranks of top three outer disciples had been decided, leaving only seven spots left in the prestigious ranking. There was no doubt that Agnes held fourth place, while Lean, who once ranked second, now fell to the fifth place.

After several more battles, Weldon now ranked sixth, Geoff seventh, Ryan eighth, Desmond ninth, and Darren tenth. The slots were filled.

As the top ten outer disciples were determined, the Outer Competition finally drew to a close.

This particular Outer Competition was probably the most intense one the Snow Sect had seen in decades. Agnes was incredibly strong as a woman warrior. Edgar suddenly rose in ranking without anybody anticipating it. Ricky had channeled strong and unbelievable power. Each battle had made the spectating disciples incredibly excited.


"Gentlemen, the Outer Competition is now over. It makes me happy to see that many disciples have improved greatly." "I hope that from now on, you will train harder. Strive! Strive for yourself to live a better life in the world of martial arts," said Elder Evan.

"Now, let's cut to the chase. I know you've all been waiting for this. Top 100 disciples, come to the arena to receive your awards!"

Oh, oh!

The top 100 di

the rewards at stake, they would train even harder to prepare for the competition next year!

"Elder, I would like to say a few words!" Zenith said as he rose from his seat.

"Sure, please go ahead!"


"Edgar, I'd like to take you as my disciple. I don't know whether you would want it or not, but I am offering," Zenith got straight to the point. His words had the same effect as a bomb, blowing the crowd away.

"This... This... Chief Zenith wants to take Edgar under his wing!" Everyone was shocked.

Even the four Elders were stunned for a moment, before they relaxed and accepted the news.

Edgar was dumbfounded.

"What, Edgar, would you like to?" Zenith asked.

Edgar snapped out of his stunned silence. He hurriedly knelt on the arena and said respectfully to Zenith, "I'd love to, Master Zenith!"

Everyone knew Zenith. He was the best warrior in the Snow Sect. Millions of aspiring warriors wanted to be his disciple. Of course, Edgar would not turn down the offer.

Now Edgar became the object of envy.

Ricky's rewards were good, yes. But it certainly couldn't compared with receiving an offer from an overmatch like Zenith.

Even more importantly, this was the first time that Zenith had taken a disciple. Edgar would be his first and only disciple. When he succeeded in his cultivation, Edgar would surely be one of the candidates for the position of chief in the Snow Sect and would be one of the most illustrious ones.

"Great. From this day forth, you, Edgar, are my disciple," Zenith said happily. Edgar could only try to breathe slowly in his disbelief.

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