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   Chapter 67 Runes

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"I must admit. Your strength has now reached the peak of the Skin Refinement! But if you want to be the strongest one of the ten outer disciples, you still have a long way to go," Rufus said condescendingly, the atmosphere intensifying with each second.

"Really? Well then, let's see if you can maintain your rank at the top of the ten outer disciples... or not," Ricky responded seriously.

Ricky pulled out his saber from behind, the double forces of fire and ice encapsulating the weapon. At the same time, he had also begun to channel the saber-light in his body.


Rufus' rising spiritual energy showed blood vitality being released. This sudden development caught the attention of the spectators.

What was happening? Usually only the warriors of Blood Purification could do this!

"This is blood vitality! But Rufus hasn't had a breakthrough to Blood Purification yet! How can it be?" Many disciples said, greatly confused.

"Here's a possibility! Maybe he's in the level between the Skin Refinement and the Blood Purification. It's considered Half-step to Blood Purification." Some inner disciples speculated.

"I'm guessing he intends to breakthrough to Blood Purification after reinstating first place!"

"Well of course, anyone would do that! You know, the reward for winning first place is quite prestigious."

The volume of chatter increased.

"Half-step to Blood Purification! Is this your card up your sleeve?" Ricky asked inquisitively.

"That's none of your business. All you need to know is that it's more than enough to defeat you." Rufus responded with confidence.

He revealed a weapon from the scabbard in his back. Surprisingly, it was a big hammer. This was somewhat uncharacteristic of Rufus. But bearing in mind that Rufus was a casting master, the shape of the weapon was not surprising at all.

"Three hammers of flushing vitality! One to heaven! Two to earth! Three to the universe!"

Surrounded by the endless flushing forces, Rufus leaped high into the air, spinning around rapidly. Then he blasted out three conical shadows.

The first hammer's shadow showed an unclear picture, the second hammer shadow depicted the collapse of heaven and earth, and the last shadow illustrated the collapse of yin and yang.



This may have been only a simple, basic punch - but the power embedded in it completely transcended the Skin Refinement, which was on the same level as the first grade of Blood Purification.

"Is this the power of the manual?" The disciples were unendingly shocked.

"That's right! It must be! The evolution of the manual's power is runes!" Some of the more knowledgeable disciples explained, "Although the manuals can't fight alone, the cultivation method can become more powerful once merged with the manual!"

"That's why the same level of warriors will not be defeated."

"Rufus will win this battle for sure! Only at the ninth grade of Skin Refinement could Ricky stand a chance to win."

The disciples intently discussed the battle.

"The power of the manual! Is this your ace?" Ricky asked, his voice deepening.

Those in the crowd with sharp eyes noticed that his fingers had also been changing...

"This was my ace against warriors in Blood Purification. I didn't expect to use it on you today!" Rufus responded. "But I don't care anymore. As long as I win this battle, it's worth it!"

"Unfortunately for you, I don't want to lose this battle either!" Ricky replied coldly.

"You have the power of manual! Well, you're not the only one!"

Ricky finally erupted, generating a cloud of blood gas. It was not from Blood Purification, but was instead the power that had evolved from Devouring Skill.

After the blood gas had dispersed, glowing scarlet runes also appeared on his body.

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