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   Chapter 66 Fight To Become Number One

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A strong rumbling sound erupted with the collision. All of a sudden, the ring was flooded with airwaves. The ripples moved out, the air expanding around it as if to blow out the space.

The thunderous power, infernal power and frosty power intertwined together ceaselessly, the flashes sparked by saber and silver spear rang loudly in everyone's ears, indicating just how fierce the collision was.

"This is by no means a collision between mere Skin Refinement warriors!" the disciples remarked, standing outside the ring and intently watching them fighting.

"Maybe they are the real heroes of this competition!" whispered some of the disciples, as if Rufus, the top of outer disciples, had now completely been forgotten.


Rufus became incredibly angry upon hearing this. They could see the murderous hate brimming in his eyes when Ricky and Edgar showed up.


After the sparkling of long saber and silver spear, came the ultimate PK of Ricky and Edgar. Like two meteors crashing across the sky, Ricky and Edgar began to hit at each other forcefully in that instant.

The winner would be determined very soon.

Out of nowhere, two strong inverse powers broke out from the point where Ricky and Edgar had collided and then swooped straight towards both warriors.

Edgar and Ricky fended off the inverse powers instinctively, each gritting his teeth as he used all his strength. But Edgar's defense was just too weak. He was knocked back after several minutes of an evenly matched fight, and he spat some blood out.

He then tottered backwards a little, before finding a way to stop on the edge of the ring.

Ricky, on the other side, had taken out his saber once more and, with arms crossed, shone orange light to fend off the strong power. The might of the Second Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula now showed itself.

That wild power could not find a way to get anywhere near Ricky. The most it could do was push Ricky back a short distance. He was not at all hurt.

This clearly displayed the disparity between Ricky and Edgar's strength.

"All right, you win!"

said Edgar. He chose to give up at this moment, knowing it would only turn out worse for him if he continued to fight.

"Edgar, I wo

y emerged, Rufus struck Ricky on the neck with a round kick.

Rufus was the top one of outer disciples with a four-starred intermediate spiritual meridian. He was a casting master at inferior stage of the Mortal Level as well. With the greatest power of Skin Refinement and the strength of manual, that round kick must be deadly.

Ricky's face turned grim the moment Rufus gave out the volatile kick.

Now, Ricky knew he had to use the Second Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula immediately. In a moment, the frosty power and infernal power fused into his fists as he blasted a punch at Rufus.


Ricky's fist collided against Rufus's leg with a deafening roar. Only God knew how powerful their impact could be!

Rufus leaped backward onto his feet and Ricky also took a few steps backwards on the ring, regaining his balance.

'This Rufus has proven to be the top ranking outer disciple. He is indeed much, much stronger than Edgar. It's likely that he's going to reach Blood Purification anytime soon!' Ricky thought, shaking his aching fist.

Rufus's face looked grim as well. The collision had shown him just how strong Ricky was.

But Rufus wasn't worried about that. Because he had watched the previous battles, he had a good idea of what Ricky was able to do. However, Ricky had seen nothing from him. He had no observations to help him counter Rufus.

So for this fight, Rufus felt confident that...

Interupting his thoughts, Ricky's body momentum began to surge.

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