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   Chapter 65 Collision Of Dual Powers

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 10550

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Tensions rose high as the disciples with expectant faces looked forward to another battle. Hands were fidgeting everywhere as the audience were excited to see the fierce battle between two powerful warriors.

Ricky was relaxed about his fight. Another day, another fight, like he was sliding through the competition. Ricky had the upper hand in this battle for he knew what he was capable of. The clock ticked as the fight kept going, but not one bit was Ricky worried.

Ricky and Edgar locked eyes. Their faces grew more serious each moment as they both reflected their desire for victory. Their eyes and their body were hungry for a kill, for the win. Both of them might have underestimated each other for they were far more powerful than they thought. Weapons clanged and forces rocked the earth beneath them.

"I made the right choice. You are indeed so powerful," Edgar said in a stern and forbidding manner with a little smirk, with his fingers wiping the bloodstain from the corner of his mouth. And an overwhelming coldness radiated from him. His enemy was tough as a rock. How could Ricky possibly take him down? Mustering up all the courage and will to fight, he went back to his attack position.

"You are far greater and stronger than Lean," Ricky replied.


"Ricky meant to annoy Lean deliberately."

"There is no need to include Lean in this situation! Ricky just wanted to trash him!"

Hearing these comments, the disciples turned their eyes to Lean, who felt very uncomfortable. Lean was shaken, as he did not expect to hear those words from the warriors in the battlefield. He was angry, so angry that he wanted to stone Ricky to death.

Ricky didn't flinch at the sight of Lean being the victim in the situation. He just said that to emphasize the strength that he felt from his opponent. He didn't mean to make Lean feel bad about his skills and strength.


"Ricky, please play your trump card. Otherwise, you are going to lose your victory," Edgar warned when his frosty power rose to the climax.

Deafening sounds of clanging metals were heard, and sparks flew like dragons in the battlefield. Both competitors fought for victory. Metals swung; shields were destroyed one by one. It was pure chaos!

"Clang!" their weapons collided once more. A thunderous sound was followed by Edgar's last word. Everyone was at the edge of their seats. They leaned forward to know what went on.

That thunderous sound was beyond what the audience had in mind. A bolt of purple thunder shaped like thin snakes started to slither around Edgar's body. Everyone's jaw dropped for they couldn't believe at what they saw.

"This ... this is the devastating power of thunder!" All disciples marveled at the spectacular show of power. Purple snake-like bolts slithered Edgar's body. He truly was more powerful beyond what they expected!

"But? How could that even be possible? How could Edgar cultivate two powers of Light Apperception at the same time, and one of them is the destructive and disruptive thunderous power."

Warriors cultivated on the basis of their spiritual meridian which possessed certain natures. And t

ct integration without any clash?"

"What a grand competition! It's eye-opening... I'm not going to be able to see this for another century!"

All sorts of voices suddenly popped out from the audience.


"It seemed to be that he had no spiritual meridian. Only in this way can Ricky cultivate two contradictory powers." Zenith and his companions discussed secretly on the high dais.

It was sure that the reason why Ricky could cultivate these two contradictory powers was that he had regained spiritual meridian and Devouring Skill. However, that was a secret that only Ricky knew.

"How could that be possible? How could these two people possess such spectacular powers?" After seeing the scene on the arena, Rufus became silent no more. He growled with dismay and envy.

Ricky and Edgar's powers had been beyond his expectation. Rufus thus had no self-confidence in defeating Ricky and Edgar. It was difficult to see such amazing powers to battle within the future, but this made him insecure of what he could bring into the competition.


"Hey, buddy! How do you feel about my trump card now huh?" Ricky said with a triumphant smile after seeing the amazement in Edgar's eyes.

"It was awesome! But it still won't be that easy if you want to defeat me," Edgar replied with a challenging tone as his amazement from his opponent diminished.

"Come on, buddy!"

Ricky did not make it any easier for Edgar. With Freezing Palm of the frosty power on his left hand and the flame strike on the right, he launched an attack at Edgar. He released two powers from both hands with the help of the Devouring Skill and flashed a strike at Edgar.

Edgar put on his game face for he wouldn't want to lose to Ricky, or to anyone. He gathered his electricity of thunder and gave off the power of frozen ice to wield his silver spear to counter Ricky's attack.

Both of the warriors' attacks had shaken the whole arena. Yet again, their powers collided and resulted to a deafening noise of thunder.

Two warriors, both with rare abilities of dual powers, battled it out for victory.

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