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   Chapter 64 The Battle With Edgar

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The atmosphere of the competition reached a climatic point as the battle between Ricky and Lean came to an end. All of the disciples fixed their eyes on Ricky in anticipation, wondering if he would proceed to the final battle.

"Next, who else wants to challenge the top three outer disciples?" Elder Evan focused his eyes on Ricky expectantly as well and asked again.


A booming voice filled the room while Edgar walked out of the crowd.

"Edgar...Edgar! It's him!"

"Looks like he wants to take up the top three outer disciples' challenge! Is he really that capable?" The warriors exclaimed as they watched Edgar walk out of the crowd.

"Yes! Which position do you want to challenge?" Seeing that it was Edgar, Elder Evan nodded imperceptibly and asked him.

Edgar's performance in the previous battles was exceptional. Every fight was worth watching as Edgar gave it his all. It was no wonder that he had caught the attention of Zenith and the Elders...

"Elder Evan, I'm not exactly very capable, but I would like to try... I choose to battle Ricky! " Edgar's words echoed throughout the battlefield while he stared at Ricky with a killing intent.

"Edgar has the guts, really! You know what they say: no guts, no glory! I thought he would challenge Agnes at first. I didn't expect that he would choose Ricky instead!" Hearing Edgar's declaration and persistence, many disciples resumed their animated discussions as they expected another great battle from Edgar.

"No matter the outcome, it's going to be yet another fierce battle! Whoa, I never thought that this year's Outer Competition would be this fascinating! "


'Edgar does not belong to any faction. Looks like he doesn't have any other affiliated intentions other than just having a simple fight with me.' Ricky mumbled to himself as he saw Edgar's gaze towards him. His eyes locked in to his opponent as if he was sizing him up from head to toe.

Ricky's intention to fight had remarkably risen as well. He had to admit that he was getting excited out of this whole ordeal. He also wanted to know the exact limit of this "Edgar" warrior who emerged out of nowhere had the gall to fight a senior like him.

"Ricky, I will give you two hours to prepare yourself before taking up Edgar's challenge!" Elder Evan couldn't help but be extremely pleased with how the events were turning. He quickly acknowledged Edgar's request. Two dark horses of this year's Outer Competition would battle out against each other? This was definitely one for the books. He was just as enthusiastic as everyone else as he awaited for this competition to happen. These warriors were just full of surprises.

"Thank you so much for your kindness, Elder Evan, but I don't really need it." Ricky said confidently as he took a step forward as if he already knew that he would win the battle.


"Ricky doesn't even need time to rest! Looks like he'd completely looked down upon Lean!"

"That's right. After such an int

icy rays flew in all directions. No one was safe from this spectacular combat!

"Six-starred Vibrating Icy rays! Freeze everything!"

And with a thunderous roar, six icy rays again shot in lightning speed from Edgar's silver spear, as if six snowy spears had emerged from the World of Ice. They aimed directly towards Ricky. Flashing like light, these spears traveled fast, ready for the kill.

Heaving a deep sigh, Ricky immediately activated the Second Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula. This method gave him an orange aura that enveloped his body, just like the infernal power around him.

All the training that he went through was not in vain for his robust body was enough to boost his fighting power to the next stage.

Ricky was focused and nothing in this battle would stop him from achieving victory. He wielded his saber and executed the Nonuple Flame Strike--- the Fifth Flames Strike again!

And in an instant, the icy rays and infernal flames crashed twice as powerful than they usually were. Ricky and Edgar ran towards each other and collided their weapons once more.

Under that explosion, the fanatic wave of spiritual energy swept across the entire battlefield again that formed clouds of dust in the arena.

Both warriors exuded great fighting techniques that it was very difficult to decide at this point who would win. They were equally good competitors to the eyes of the audience.

Thump! Thump!

After a period that seemed like an eternity, heavy footsteps were heard as two silhouettes emerged from that cloud of spiritual power. The audience leaned forward to see who this warrior was. The winner had emerged from the ashes.

As the spiritual energies dissipated -- two disheveled bodies were revealed. The audience were shocked as to what happened. Could they both be dead?

Edgar had a sliver of blood flowing out of his lips. Ricky stood there, a little pale though, his hair unruly and skin bruised. Ricky obviously emerged victorious.

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