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   Chapter 63 The Strongest Flesh

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 10099

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"Boom! Boom!"

Red energy rose into the air as a huge blast broke out from Ricky. Then orange energy sprang up, swallowing the red aura. Ricky engulfed in this orange energy. Oddly, the scene looked rather glamorous.

That was the Second Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula!

At this crucial moment, Ricky decided that he could no longer conceal this secret. He decided to show all his cards.

He wanted to win. It was imperative that he beat Lean and the Refinement Faction. Defeating Jarvis had only been the beginning; now, he was executing his plan as scheduled. Ricky inhaled deeply. No one could stop him.

"I've already reached the Second Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula successfully... Oh, it was because of the Quincentennial Magic Ice and the Sacred Blood Crystal. Please, don't fail me now. Show me your full power!" Ricky sighed, confidently feeling his body's pulsating energy as he initiated the method.

Ricky was curiously expectant, wondering how mighty the Second Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula truly was.

The crowd exclaimed loudly, again astonished. The unexpected progress Ricky had made seemed to be endless.

Their whispers began to echo, bouncing off each other like a swarm of bees.

"Oh, my God! Lean has reached the fifth level of the Pure Masculinity. But Ricky! Can you believe it? He's also progressed so well in his cultivation method! I'm so curious about his mysterious method. It's definitely going to be a rigid competition! Oh, it will be a marvelous sight to behold! I can't wait anymore!"

"Yes, I agree. Oh, goodness. Both of them have such immense strength! This is so exciting!"

Zenith and other four Elders on the high stage were just as shocked as the other disciples. They exchanged stunned looks, mouths slightly open. What happened with Ricky was beyond their belief.

None of them had expected that Ricky would make it to the Second Degree of the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula.

In their minds, Ricky could have the capacity for it. But reaching the Second Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula now was the last thing they anticipated. As the wise elders, they knew everything. They were well aware of how difficult it was to break through it.

"Chief Zenith, this boy is stupefying. He reached the Second Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula at such a young age! I think he must really be in possession of an extremely strong will!" Elder Evan said using his internal power. This way, he could only be heard by the elders.

"Yes. I must agree with Elder Evan. We have to admit it no matter we like it or not, Chief Zenith!" Three other elders also weighed in using their internal powers.

"Elder Evan, keep in mind that he is one of the key disciples now," Zenith replied, before lapsing into a silent reverie.

"Yes, I understand!" The four other elders acknowledged Zenith's order with a nod.

"But, we must keep it a secret. He cannot know this decision for now. He has the great will, that

y wanted very much to kill Lean right then and there. But he knew he couldn't, not with Zenith and the other elders still present. That would be too arrogant and he was sure that those elders would prefer to keep a strong yet modest disciple, so what he had done was enough to prove his point.

"This fight proves that I have the strongest flesh among the outer disciples!"

Ricky announced loudly to Lean, and to everyone from the Refinement Faction. He needed not to conceal the extent of capabilities anymore, as everyone had witnessed his full power now.

"So arrogant!" "How could he be so arrogant?!" Many inner disciples from the Refinement Faction started to curse at him upon his bold announcement.

"Oh, god! He is so arrogant! How dare he say that in public when there are so many men from the Refinement Faction present?"

"Perhaps that's just part of him being a genius!"

"Well, he's right! He has proven himself to be stronger than any outer disciple! Don't you think so? We all saw what he just did!"


"Ricky, Ricky!" Lean snarled, squeezing the name out through his gritted teeth. In agony, Lean could do nothing but shoot Ricky with a hateful glare. His movements were restricted thanks to Ricky's attack. Oh, how he wished he could slaughter him into pieces!

"You are lucky, don't you know? This is a Snow Sect Competition and I can't just kill you here and now. Otherwise, the outcome would have been very different!" Ricky whispered in his ear, threateningly.

He then turned around and jumped off the arena casually, leaving the weakened Lean dumbfounded on the floor.

Once again, Lean spat red, blood dripping from his mouth.

So far, the competition for the strongest body was over. Ricky ranked the second among the outer disciples. Lean, meanwhile, had already dropped to the fifth for now.

The elders were shocked and yet also pleased to have witnessed Ricky's ability. As Elder Evan declared the end of this competition, the next battle began soon after.

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