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   Chapter 62 The Collision Of Bodies

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Weldon stopped in his tracks after hearing the voice. He reluctantly said to Agnes, "Fine. You've won."

Weldon lost face completely today. He had gone back on his word and attacked Agnes before she could finish her second move. But even so, Agnes had easily defeated him.

Now, in the outer disciples' eyes, Weldon, who used to rank third, had become far too weak.

But they were even more surprised at the revelation that Agnes was so powerful.

Ricky had his own thoughts about the sudden strength of Agnes. He speculated that Agnes's success could be attributed to having made great progress with the help of the Sacred Blood Crystal.


"You did well," Agnes said lightly, and walked off the arena.

Meanwhile, Ricky was focusing on Rufus, the first ranking outer disciples, who had just stopped Weldon.

Rufus and Weldon were members of the Casting Faction, and so both were destined to be Ricky's foes.

Rufus was dressed in tight gray clothes. He looked very handsome, seeming to be a little younger than Ricky. His black eyes gleamed with confidence and a hint of arrogance.

"He is strong enough to challenge warriors at the first grade of Blood Purification," Ricky concluded, once he had observed Rufus carefully for a few moments.

Rufus seemed to sense Ricky's gaze. He turned his head to look back at the young warrior observing him from the sidelines.

But it was only a glance, and then he looked away.

With Elder Evan's announcement of Agnes's victory, the disciples snapped back into reality from their stunned reverie.

The reality was that Agnes currently ranked third in the outer disciples, while Weldon temporarily held the sixth place in the outer disciples.

"Next, who would like to challenge the top three?" Elder Evan asked.

"Me!" Ricky said, stepping forward.

"Alright then! Which rank would you like to challenge?" Elder Evan seemed to look forward to Ricky's choice. He leaned forward in his seat.

"I would like to try the second place of the outer disciples." Ricky smiled.

"Second place! Come forth!" Lean stepped forward, glaring at Ricky coldly.

If something was meant to be, it would happen. Although Lean didn't want to battle Ricky right then and there, it didn't mean he was afraid of Ricky.


n surprising them, the fierce battle strangely seemed quite normal to them at this instant, though physical bodies of such a level usually weren't displayed by warriors of Skin Refinement.

Even the faces of some of the inner disciples at the inferior stage of Blood Purification turned morose. They began to doubt whether they could defeat the two warriors simply by the power of their bodies.

The battle between Ricky and Lean had reached a state of abandon. Both warriors ceased to think of their own lives. The only goal was to defeat the other warrior.

Just then, after a heavy collision, these two warriors finally separated for the first time since they had begun fighting.

By now, the clothes on both men were worn to pieces. Dark bruises from the punches were everywhere on their skin. Traces of blood could be seen at their lips.

"The third level of Pure Masculinity is not enough for you, it seems! I'll show you the fourth and even the fifth level!" Lean shouted ferociously, gnashing his teeth.

Once more the power surged forth from his body, increasing from the third level of Pure Masculinity to the fifth level, like the light of five suns blasting in the arena.

"And I promised you that I would use my way of body refining to defeat your so-called body refining! No need to hold back anymore! Unless that's your best!"

Ricky spat loudly. Slowly, the scarlet lights on his body were transforming. The crowd was frozen in their seats, eyes fixated on the bloody scene about to unfold.

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