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   Chapter 61 The Power Of Agnes

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"Turns out that Agnes is one of the Amber Faction. I never knew that before," Ricky murmured.


"Boom! Boom!"

The momentum of the two warriors surged out, and with it, the tense atmosphere of the battlefield suddenly rose to the extreme, spreading to the whole square. Heads were turning, and necks were craning.

All the way from below the battlefield, the outer disciples' yells could be heard.

"Agnes, how about this? I'll let you make first three moves and I won't fight back at all!" Weldon said condescendingly, looking down at Agnes.

But his arrogance made sense. Although both Agnes and Weldon were among the top ten outer disciples, there still was a huge gap between them, because Agnes ranked only sixth while Weldon ranked the third.

Agnes ignored Weldon's arrogant mockery. On her delicate and slender hands, the strong spiritual energy of water nature had emerged, glowing in a pale blue color that matched the hue of her dress.

In a snap, Agnes suddenly appeared in front of Weldon with the speed of a fish shooting across the water, and gave him a forceful slap.

Whoa! The sound of roaring waves erupted from behind Agnes's palms. The pale blue spiritual energy had turned into actual waves, power surging on Agnes's palms.

"Overlapping Wave Palm - Quadruple Waves!"

With this shout, Agnes's right palm transformed into four mighty hands, dispersing and blending with each other. They then smashed violently into Weldon's face.

"This is Overlapping Wave Palm, one of Agnes' strongest moves!" Some disciples exclaimed.

"She used the Quadruple Waves as her first move. It appears that Agnes intends to kill Weldon with a single blow! He must be regretting the condescending offer he made her. After all, this is a fierce attack!"


As they had guessed, Weldon's face grew dark. He had never anticipate that Agnes would exert all her energy on her first attempt.

In the face of Agnes giving her full force, even though he was marvelously strong at the Skin Refinement, Weldon was clearly aware that he couldn't take her fierce attack without fighting back.

But, he had audibly made an public promise, so he could do nothing but try his best to avoid Agnes's first three moves for the meantime.

And so, when the Quadruple Waves Palm smashed into him, Weldon spun around as fast as he could to avo

' move had been the Septuple Waves Palm, an unexpected twist. All the spectators were stupefied, mouths open in disbelief.

"Brilliant!" In the audience, Zenith nodded his head slightly, showing great satisfaction in his eyes. The more geniuses he discovered, the more pleased he felt. There was great potential in many of the warriors this year.

The other four Elders expressed the same delight.

"Weldon certainly failed when Agnes used the Septuple Waves Palm on him. I wonder how many aces she has left up her sleeve," Ricky thought to himself.

"Goodness. It appears that the next battles will only be more and more exciting and tense! But I know I have nothing to fear. Everything is unfolding as I expected!"


With all the heated discussions on her incredible power, Agnes walked slowly in front of Weldon who was dazedly spitting out blood. She stopped and stared down at him, coldly saying, "I have told you before that I will rely on my own power to take the rank of third highest of outer disciples from you someday. I warned you, and yet you underestimated me. That is why you have failed so miserably today!"

"Humph! I am Weldon! I will never be defeated by a fragile girl like you!" Weldon roared, mustering his all strength to stand up. He was preparing to engage in a second round of this battle. His pride wouldn't let him admit defeat.

"Weldon, please admit your failure. As members of the Casting Faction, we should have the courage and wisdom to face defeat graciously." A sudden detached voice interrupted Weldon's vengeful fury.

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