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   Chapter 60 Weldon Versus Agnes

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But upon hearing those words, Ricky broke into disdainful smile.

'Oh, what a shame. They really are so ridiculous and unreasonable!' Ricky thought, annoyed.

"Ricky, you must explain it to us!" Elder Evan said to him.

Ricky responded respectfully, "I didn't punch Jarvis with all my energy just now. In fact, I showed mercy to him because he is also one of the disciples of the Snow Sect. Otherwise, he would not have only been injured with his bones broken. I made sure not to hit him with full strength. I knew it would be fatal for him if I did.

Besides, it's inevitable to sustain injuries during battles. If we weren't allowed to hurt others in the competition, how would anyone be able to show their strength and skills to prove their improvement of cultivation!?"

"Ricky, what you say is a baseless argument! You are challenging the authority of the Snow Sect!" Harald said maliciously, trying to shift the blame on Ricky.

"You, of all people, have no right to judge whether my argument make sense!" Ricky sneered.

Elder Evan shot a look at Zenith.

"All right now, stop it. Do not argue about this matter anymore!" Dignified, Zenith gazed around the square, adding flatly, "Today's competition is over. The competition for the top ten disciples will be held tomorrow."

No any disciples dared question this. Once Zenith had spoken, it was finished.

And with that, the day's competition for entering into top fifty disciples was completed. Again, Ricky became the main topic of conversations all over again. Most of the other disciples speculated about whether Ricky was more powerful than the top ranking outer disciple, Rufus.

When Ricky exited the ring, many warriors, especially those of Bone Reinforcement, from the Refinement Faction and the Casting Faction lunged at him, threatening him with cruel, malicious remarks.

Ricky ignored them. He knew it wouldn't be worth it to respond. Instead, he returned with Grace and Heather to their courtyard. He had to concentrate on regulating his breathing, getting ready for the most important battle. Tomorrow. Finally, it would be the day.

That day, Heather had also achieved her goal. She, along with Ricky, ranked among the top fifty outer disciples.

The battle to accumulate more points continued the next day.

The fifty disciples who won in the competition yesterday would now participate in ten more rounds of battle. And after the contest was over, those who ranked the highest would comprise the ranks of the new top ten o

-three position. Rufus, Lean and Weldon are the top three outer disciples at present, and the rest of the seven disciples can challenge them. The winners will become the new top three outer disciples!

But first! Of course, Rufus, Lean, Weldon; you three may very well challenge each other too!

Now, who will be the first to challenge these three warriors?" Elder Evan looked at the seven disciples.

Silence. No one seemed willing to challenge the top three, whose skills spoke for themselves.

"Since no one wants to be the first to battle with them, I will try first!" Agnes suddenly spoke up with confidence, stepping forward.


All of the outer disciples and many inner disciples exclaimed in surprise. Almost everyone held great admiration for her.

Her eyes fell on Weldon.

Weldon was a thin, ordinary-looking young man, but his fierce eyes showed his true capabilities. On his back, he carried a black hook like an eagle's claw, which made him look more ominous.

"Agnes, do you really want to challenge me?" Weldon spoke with a smile, staring at Agnes lustfully.

Like most of men there, he was infatuated with her.

"That's right! Come on. You first!" Agnes replied flatly.

"Ha-ha. Agnes, it's wishful thinking to even dream you can win against me. But if you leave the Amber Faction and join our Casting Faction, I will very well consider giving up my current ranking position and letting you hold the third place among the outer disciples!" Weldon remarked, laughing rudely.

"I can fight for it on my own!" Agnes snarled, clearly offended.


Both warriors' spiritual force burst forth simultaneously. The battle was on!

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