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   Chapter 59 Mightiness

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In a resounding, ferocious voice, Jarvis' strength surged once more. The infinite earth force spun into a whirlpool, and integrated into his body.

As this was happening, Jarvis used his blood vitality as a guide to integrate into the cultivation method of the Earth Armor.

Now the third, fourth, and fifth layers of Earth Armor merged onto Jarvis' body. He quickly put a pair of yellow gloves on his hands, which fused with the earth force immediately.

"Jarvis is cultivating the Earth Armor to the fifth degree! How could it be, when the highest degree of the Earth Armor is said to be the fourth degree?" The disciples under the arena exclaimed, incredulous.

"We can't be sure about what is going to happen. It is hard to ever illustrate the power of the fifth layer Earth Armor! Even if Ricky is protected by his mysterious body refinement cultivation method, there's still a good chance that he won't be able to withstand Jarvis' power!"

"The top ten disciples are ranked as such for a reason. We have no idea of the full extent of their power!"


"With the five-layered Earth Armor, Jarvis is definitely worthy of some serious advice from us too," Zenith muttered in a low voice.

"He has displayed great skill. With his current ranking, Jarvis has the potential to breakthrough and become a demi-immortal," Elder Evan stated, nodding decidedly.

"Ha-ha, but judging from the situation, I surmise that Jarvis and Ricky have irreconcilable matters which could possibly be traced back to the entire Refinement Faction!" Elder Neil smiled deeply.

"At this point, it all depends on their own abilities. The one who emerges the winner can stand at the peak of the Snow Sect," Zenith said.

"Chief Zenith, don't you plan to take Ricky under your wing?"

Elder Lucia asked. She found Zenith's statement unexpected - after all, Ricky had succeeded in cultivating the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula!

"I did want to take him under my wing. I even wanted to accept him as a disciple. But I know that now is not the time." Zenith continued, "The cultivation of the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula requires a great deal out of a martial warrior. For centuries, no one has succeeded

ath. The shock remained painted upon their faces. They had thought that Ricky stood a chance at defeating Jarvis, but never in a million years could they have predicted the ease at which he won.

"Ricky is so powerful!" Many disciples said, still reeling from the shock.

"I'm afraid that Lean is no opponent for Ricky! Perhaps only Rufus can stand up against him!"


Hearing them say that he couldn't defeat Ricky, Lean felt overcome by anger. He scowled furiously, his face darkening like a thundercloud.

However, looking at Jarvis who was screaming in pain on the arena, Lean was taken aback. 'Can I possibly defeat Ricky right now?' he asked himself.


"Elders, as a disciple of the Snow Sect, Ricky hit his fellow disciple so hard. His cultivation base should be banned, and he must be cast away according to rules of the Snow Sect!" someone stated bitterly.

Ricky turned around to find it was Harald, one of the core disciples. Connie and other members from the Casting Faction stood next to him.

"I agree with Harald! Ricky should be expelled from the Snow Sect!"

The disciples from the Casting Faction shouted forcefully.

The disciples from Refinement Faction agreed. Despite hailing from different factions that were rivals, they understood the gravity of Ricky's actions.

All eyes stared at Ricky. They wondered how the Elders would decide upon this case.

After all, Ricky did hurt his fellow disciple severely in the Snow Sect.

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