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   Chapter 58 Earth Armor

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As the noise resounded through the crowd, Ricky and Jarvis elevated their powers quickly.

"Earth Armor!"

Jarvis shouted, as his power immediately surged to a new height, looming heavily like mountains, making it hard to breathe. A tornado of dust in the arena rapidly surged to his side.

Ricky could feel that Jarvis was absorbing the power of the earth in the arena.

It all happened in an instant. Jarvis's entire body was covered with earthy yellow film. It was just like armor.

"It is the cultivation method——Earth Armor!" Many disciples exclaimed upon seeing this. They grew even more excited.

"Yes, Earth Armor is a cultivation method at the advanced stage of the Yellow Level! It is said that there are nine grades, and whenever the cultivator upgrades, his body becomes entirely covered with a layer of earthy yellow film!"

"The film has powerful defense properties, but it's also good for offensive moves! After all, its attack force is more advanced."

"But, he cultivated only one layer of earthy yellow film! That's not much if it's going up against Ricky!"

"The second layer of earthy yellow film!"

"The third layer of earthy yellow film!"

Jarvis shouted again, seemingly all of the dust in the arena and even from several meters outside surged to him. Now, his body was completely covered with two more layers of earthy yellow film.

"Oh my gosh. There are three layers of earthy yellow film now! Ricky should watch out!"

"Jarvis is at the peak state for a Skin Refinement cultivator with these three layers of earthy yellow film!"


''Ricky, very few people can even defend themselves against my three layers of earthy yellow film! So your defeat today will not be so humiliating," Jarvis said coldly, a yellow light harshly glowing from his eyes.

"So that is your special Earth Armor? A cultivation method at the advanced stage of the Yellow Level? How interesting! Don't disappoint me!" Ricky sneered, his fighting spirit reflecting in his eyes as it intensified.

"Ricky, you may draw your sword!" Elder Evan said slowly from the dais.

"Elder Evan, maybe or maybe not, this young warrior could also be regarded as a master in the body refinement cultivation methods!" Elder Abbott smiled.

"Oh? Is he a master

nd the arena was swept with a violent spiritual energy.

All the disciples stared at the arena intently, afraid to miss anything.

And on the dais, Zenith and four Elders also kept their eyes peeled. They wanted to assess the true power of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula.


The violent blast bursting out from their punching fists, and Jarvis stumbled backwards a few steps. He was wounded and bleeding.

While Ricky just took three steps backwards slightly, obviously only a result of the backward momentum.

Now, it was clear who the winner would be.

"Could it really be? The Nine-degree Body Refining Formula? Only by using the First Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula could Risky have totally defeated Jarvis!" The four Elders exclaimed. "The Nine-degree Body Refining Formula exponentially increases the body's strength. No wonder our ancestors were capable of killing innate spiritual kings!"

"Elders, did you notice that Ricky has only cultivated to the eighth grade of Skin Refinement, but his power exceeds that greatly? Amazing!" Zenith said with satisfaction.


"Well, it seems that you don't deserve your rank! Fifth position in the top ten outer disciples" Ricky said with disdain as he stood over his opponent. Jarvis went blind with rage. All he could think about was killing Ricky.

Rattle! Jarvis clenched his fists, his bones straining. He was going mad with anger.

"Ricky, you will die today!"

Jarvis shouted and channeled the Earth Armor once again...

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