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   Chapter 55 The Outer Competition Kicks Off

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Upon entering the ideal realm of the Bertha's manual, Ricky felt that he was much, much closer to the comprehension of Light Apperception.

The manual that Bertha had cultivated was by no means better than Ricky's Chaos Manual. However, Bertha far surpassed Ricky, who was still a greenhorn in terms of fully understanding manuals. The ideal realm devised by Bertha far outshone that created by Ricky.

'It was definitely the right decision to come here as an observer!' Ricky sighed.

But the sobering fact remained that Bertha would never let him live a smooth life here.

In this world, integrity was much more valuable than life to all the women here. Bertha would never forgive Ricky having seen half of her body. This was a great taboo for a virgin.

It took her all of half a day to cast weapons.

Ricky and his companions came to sober realizations after assimilating into the ideal realm.

Ricky had gained a lot from observing the world here. For one, he had a deeper ability to comprehend manuals and the method of forging. And in addition to this, he had a gut feeling that he would soon find a way to harness the power of Light Apperception.

"Winfred Wang, take this sword with you and tell the leader of the Weapons Hall that the price of this sword cannot be less than 50, 000 silver coins," Bertha said to her disciple, turning over the sword she had cast. Indeed, it was a perfect blade, excellent in every respect.

"Fifty...fifty thousand silver coins! How precious it is! What is the grade of this sword?" Ricky was astonished upon hearing that this sword was worth fifty thousand silver coins.

"Ricky, you should know that Bertha is a casting master at the intermediate stage of Mortal Level. And the weapons she casts belong to the Mortal Level," Winfred explained.

"You may not have known this, but the truth is that Bertha is the youngest casting master at the intermediate stage of Mortal Level across the whole Snow Sect," another disciple added, voice full of admiration.

In addition to her sophisticated casting skills, Bertha was so incredibly comely and charming that all disciples admired her greatly.

What these disciples said obviously pleased Bertha quite well. She raised her head slightly, a hint of happy pride flashing in her eyes.

Then, she said to her disciples, "My work for the day is done. You should start to cult

is cultivation.

Now, he had no intentions of cultivating in seclusion or casting weapons. Instead, Ricky shifted his focus on training his mind so as to channel all his strength and get into the best shape possible for the Outer Competition.

He attached little importance to his place in this competition but placed high value on winning awards.

These awards had attracted many advanced warriors of Blood Purification.

The last time around, the competition's prize for the winner of first place was the freedom to select his desirable weapon of intermediate Mortal Level, in addition to a set of cultivation method of the inferior stage of Black Level as well as ten Blood Purification Pills.

Any one of these three prizes was sufficient to conquer warriors of Blood Purification, to the extent that their heads would be broken and bleeding while fighting for the prize.


Finally, the day of the Outer Competition arrived.

All of the Snow Sect was bustling with noise and excitement, the atmosphere bursting with anticipation.

Almost all disciples of the Snow Sect had arrived at the largest square of this sect.

Nevertheless, not all disciples would participate in Outer Competition. Only those who were deemed fit to enter the top 100 would join, because the awards were prepared only for the top 100.

There were a great number of disciples attending this competition, each thinking highly of their own skills and competence.

In the crowed square, the first to arrive were the nine Elders — the renowned nine demi-immortal warriors of the Snow Sect.

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