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   Chapter 53 A Rival Cannot Be Avoided

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Hardly taking any time to rest, Ricky spent the night casting weapons. He was so eager to grasp the Light Apperception quickly, even if he could only learn just a little bit. It would greatly improve his chances of winning the Outer Competition.

As she promised, the next day Grace took Ricky to an extremely large and broad courtyard.

Upon arriving, a resounding beating sound was heard. It had a rhythmic beat, undoubtedly that of the law of the treasure book.

"There are two casting masters at Demi-spirit Level in the Snow Sect, who are the top talents in the whole area. One of them is the second Elder, and the other is the fifth, Elder Samuel, who owns this courtyard," Grace explained.

"The second Elder, who founded the Casting Faction of Snow Sect, has chosen a number of his disciples from the Faction."

"So, Master, have I offended the second Elder?" He asked cautiously.

He was startled to discover that the Casting Faction had been founded by a casting master at Demi-spirit Level, whose status was on par with the innate spirit.

"Relax, Ricky. The second Elder is so powerful that a warrior like you will not be taken seriously," Grace replied.

"Oh... I'm glad to hear that!" Ricky said, feeling relieved.

"The disciples of Elder Samuel are those he considers qualified for his standards. Otherwise, a warrior would never be accepted as his disciple, no matter how gifted he was at casting. Because of this, Elder Samuel has never had more than fifteen disciples," Grace added.

"Sounds like the fifth Elder has wonderful personality indeed," Ricky murmured.

"I really do hope that Elder Samuel finds you qualified. Otherwise, you would have to leave here even if I vouched for you. That would be a great loss for you."

"Haw-haw, Master, a charming disciple like me will surely make the cut!" Ricky was confident.

Ignoring his little joke, Grace sternly reminded him, "Make sure, after walking into the courtyard, that you

most made her lost control during the cultivation.

After she had returned and caught her breath, she had been secretly looking for him with revenge in mind.

At the sight of him, her usually charming eyes suddenly grew cold.

But it soon dissipated upon seeing that Ricky was hiding behind Grace. She regained her composure.

She had heard that Grace recruited a new disciple, and as things turned out, it was Ricky.

"Bertha, you know I've come here for a reason." Grace smiled, "I come here today to ask you for a favor."

"This is my disciple Ricky whom I have mentioned to you. I would like him to have a chance to watch the casting here before the Outer Competition, so he could comprehend the Light Apperception."

"Of course. This is your disciple. I'll instruct him myself hereafter." Bertha readily agreed.

"Forget it, I changed my mind," Ricky hurriedly whispered to Grace. Bertha's agreement worried him.

However, Grace ignored Ricky's words and continued to talk to Bertha.

Now and then, as she talked, Bertha looked at Ricky with her beautiful eyes. The meaning in them was obvious, "You will suffer later."

'I'm dead meat!' Ricky thought.

Then Grace departed, leaving Ricky alone in the room with Bertha.

"Bertha!" Ricky courteously said, forcing a stiff smile.

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