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   Chapter 52 Success

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"Master, the way he does the beat seems to be natural manual. The rhythm and the invisible artistic conception which can never be achieved by random beating, actually generated an epiphany inside of me," Heather said in a trance, while watching each action of his beating.

Grace did not give her answer to the question immediately. Instead, she intensely stared at the track Ricky had made, and felt with a sensitive heart the rhythm and artistic feeling by him.

The more she felt, the stronger the shock was in her eyes. She could not believe that Ricky could produce something as special as that.

There were quite a number of casting masters in the Snow Sect, even two of the Demi-spirit Level. Although Grace had seen them produce the rhythm and the artistic effects, none of them were as perfect as how Ricky did it.

"How could it be possible?" said Grace in disbelief in the bottom of her heart after she got the feeling of awe and astonishment.

Ricky's rhythm was absolute treasure for every pounding of the weapon was felt in his heart and no one could do it like him.

But the question remained the same--how could one practice such a perfect Manual even without a spiritual meridian?

Questions haunted her mind which was in chaos at the moment for she had never felt so many emotions at the same time-- doubt, astonishment, and disbelief.

They were there as the audience and as much as they were excited they would never do anything to distract and disturb Ricky. That would ruin the moment, the perfection of Ricky's process. And on the other hand, it inspired them to more thinking.


Ricky was in a trance. He let his innermost self do all the work without having to think twice of what he was doing and what he was about to do. He was a natural.

In such a mysterious state, his perception and understanding of the Devouring Skill sharpened. This laid out the foundation towards the understanding of Light Apperception.

Light, Intent, and Soul, these three powerful forces, were to be understood in insight and artistic atmosphere...

Plunged in the deep natural trance, Ricky continued the beat giving all of his strength. He had the capacity to become a master of casting.

Ricky beat the crimson knife along with the beating of his heart. Black sparks flew out of the knife and iron, stripping it away of all its impurities.

Ricky was unstoppable. He pounded the weapon again and again and again until it was pure to perfection. This was not the end, however, of his skill of mastery for the Pounding Skill was to be learned after his Devouring Skill.

Fourteen times had Ricky pounded the wea

ields he was going to excel. He was on fire.

"Well, Heather, you are gonna have to be nicer to me in the days to come,"

he said playfully to Heather with a wink.

"Humph!" Heather grunted coldly at his teasing.

"Don't be too proud! Countless disciples in the casting realm were impeded as being merely moulders of Demi-mortal Level, never succeeding in becoming a real master of the Mortal Level." Looking at his jaunty look, Grace said seriously.

"I see, Master." Ricky said quietly.

"Ricky, how did you learn the manual?" Heather could not control her curiosity any longer and asked the warrior.

"Heather, as there is a cultivation method which could be adopted by those warriors without spiritual meridian, there is a manual for their cultivation in this world. We can still be great warriors even if we are the ordinary ones." Ricky smiled.

"And I was lucky enough to have gained a profound understanding of both."

"Master, is that possible?" Heather put her gaze onto Grace as soon as she heard Ricky exclaim, hoping for an honest answer.

Grace shook her head and said softly, "Maybe."

They did not press him for further answer, however, for they knew that it was a secret of him.

"Ricky, you'd better not let anyone else know that you are capable of casting, for you are the one without any spiritual meridian. All eyes will be on you, and threats will arise along with it. You must be very careful as to whoever you wish to share your secret with, " Grace then bade him once again.

"I know, Master." Ricky nodded with humility.

"Even for a genius, the learning experience of pounding is a necessity along this journey. Tomorrow I will take you to visit a predecessor of our Snow Sect. You'd better get ready for it. "

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