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   Chapter 51 The Casting Way

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Ricky was almost reeling from shock after hearing what Grace said.

What a joke! A pile of scrap metal was not even worth a thousand copper coins, and here she was charging him a thousand silver coins. What kind of master was she?

But, he agreed anyway.

Besides, he had never paid off the silver coins he owed her. So he was going to do the same.

After Ricky left, Grace continued to brief Heather on their cultivation method practice. Neither of them were concerned about Ricky's casting thing.

Neither believed in the slightest that Ricky could cast, not even the lowest level of ordinary weapons. They both just chalked it up as another one of Ricky's fantasies.

In Grace's abandoned weapons arsenal, Ricky selected several delicate irons, bronzes and polished stones and put them into the yard.

These, he planned to exchange for a big tripod he would use for the casting.

After going to a place where he couldn't be seen, Ricky took the beasts he had hunted in the snow mountains out of the Devourer Zone and then went to the Snow Kitchen Hall to sell it for silver coins.

This time, Ricky exchanged ten beasts at the peak grade of Skin Refinement for a hundred golden coins, which was equivalent to ten thousand silver coins. This made him very excited. It was the first time in his life that he saw so much money in front of him.

In the outer Snow Sect, there stood a Weapons Hall where a variety of weapons were sold. The Snow Sect disciples were free to buy any top grade weapons of the Mortal Level of their choosing - as long as they could afford it.

Strictly speaking, only the powerful warriors of the Bone Reinforcement were qualified to use them.

The Weapons Hall and the Cultivation Method Hall were all extremely lively. Outer disciples and inner disciples streamed in and out, chattering, bickering, transacting.

Ricky's arrival drew the attention of many disciples, even inner ones.

There were four floors in the Weapons Hall. The first floor sold the most common weapons, the second floor had inferior weapons of the Mortal Level, the third floor offered middle level weapons of the Mortal Level, and the fourth one showcased superior weapons of the Mortal Level.

Even if he had ten thousand silver coins' worth, Ricky could barely afford the weapons of t

Ricky used now was the Devouring Skill of the Chaos Manual.

Devouring Skill could devour impurities, which would aid the process greatly.

Moreover, Ricky fused his spiritual energy and the Devouring Fire together, quenching them in the process. This further helped eliminate impurities, which was not surprising. After all, it was the power of Devouring Fire.

To a degree, Ricky was practicing for something other than casting too in the process.

Casters could go into a trance-like state of concentration once they were accustomed to the rhythm of striking the newly formed metal. It would be more conducive to them to understand the three incomparable powers of Light, Intent and Soul Apperception.

Understanding the Light Apperception was one of the most pressing reasons that made Ricky decide to do casting.

He hadn't fully realized the power of Light Apperception, until he fought with Dustin.

He needed to grow stronger, and the Light Apperception was indispensable for this goal.

Ricky's pace, which affected the hit track, slightly moved with every strike. It was a regular hit skill, and also the Devouring Skill.

"Clang! Clang!"

Soon, the small courtyard resounded with the rhythm of this sound.

When casting, warriors could drown out the noise, instead focusing on the rhythm of the atmosphere. Slowly, Ricky started to get into the beat of his work and this atmosphere.

Grace and Heather quietly emerged from the house, watching Ricky hitting the broadsword he had forged. They were in shock.

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