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   Chapter 49 Two Complicated Hearts

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Ricky's heart began to pound when he saw Xenia flush and breathe rapidly. He smelled her fragrant aroma.

However, this feeling immediately vanished, as long as he thought of the terrifying change which had happened to Xenia just now. To Ricky, she was now a freak.

Now, prominent meridians had shown themselves on Xenia's flushed face because the drug had already taken effect on every part of her body. She would die once her meridians burst, if no measures would be taken.

At this moment, Ricky felt hesitant.

Of course, he didn't want Xenia to die.

Besides, after that terrifying change, Xenia looked extremely alluring. Like other men, Ricky also had some dirty ideas when he was confronted with the sight of such a beautiful woman.

"Gulp!" Ricky swallowed when Xenia kept scratching at him. "I have to sacrifice myself if there are no other options."

He realized he had feelings for the girl.


'Devouring Skill! My Devouring Skill can drain the power of the drug!' Ricky suddenly thought of that.

He pulled out his knife, making a small cut on Xenia's arm. He then activated the power of Devouring Skill and Devourer Zone to absorb the energy of the drug.

Devouring Skill was one of the Nine Supreme Skills in the Chaos Manual. It was capable of devouring even the most fatal energy from a drug. Soon, the energy was almost completely drained.

Xenia's eyes rolled to the back of her head as she fainted.

"It worked!" Ricky whispered when he saw her grow quiet.

Ricky immediately sat cross-legged and transferred all the energy of the drug to his Devourer Zone. Upon doing this, he activated the Devouring Fire in order to burn it and eliminate it from his system.

It took two whole hours for Ricky to burn the energy thoroughly.

However, the white whip that was Xenia's weapon of choice was already around his neck when he came to life. He would certainly die if Xenia tightened her whip even just s

, in Ricky's mind, he would have liked if Xenia owed him something.

Xenia might have felt the same way. But it was time to split ways.

Ricky looked down at the ground, turned around, and walked away.

"Is this the right thing to do? Let him go?" Xenia murmured as she watched him grow farther away. "Anyway, could I even have the heart to kill him?"


Ricky didn't have any reason to stay at snowy mountains after he obtained the Magic Ice. He had no desire to hunt the beasts, either.

Ricky briefly told Grace what had happened to him after he came back to the Snow Sect, and also caught up briefly with Heather, before he began to cultivate in seclusion.

It was time to break through the First Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula and reached the Second Degree with Magic Ice and Sacred Blood Crystal.

In preparation, Ricky spent the whole day calming himself down.

Xenia's words echoed in his mind "I don't want to owe you anything," not only upset him but also hit a nerve with his self-esteem.

Ricky shut his eyes tightly. Weakness. It all came down to his weakness.

"Strength, I need to have powerful strength!" Ricky said as he clenched his fists and growled inwardly.

With this, he rushed to his room and began the cultivation of the power of ice.

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