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   Chapter 48 Xenia's Transformation

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While Ricky was still mulling over the matter in his head, Xenia and Jayden had emerged from the frosty pool.

Now, Xenia's spiritual energy started to surge and turn blood red. This was the mark of a warrior of Blood Purification.

The blood-red spiritual energy let out a frosty power, and with it emerged a white ice crystal about one meter long and half a meter wide.

Even at quite of distance away, Ricky could still feel the strong frostiness and power emanating from the white ice crystal. It was, without a doubt, no other than Magic Ice. Ricky deduced that based on its intense frostiness, this Magic Ice was around five centuries old.

"What should I do?" Time was running out for Ricky to make up his mind. If he didn't try to steal the Magic Ice now, he would never have any chance again.

But he knew that even if he tried to fight for the Magic Ice, he might not be able to defeat Jayden and Xenia. After all, the two were the warriors of Blood Purification.

"Jayden, guard and protect me now!" Xenia said, after emerging from the pool. She had every intention of refining this Magic Ice of five hundred years right there to absorb its ice energy.

But Jayden didn't reply.

Instead, he let his eyes linger on Xenia's curvaceous figure.

"Jayden!" Xenia shouted furiously as she noticed Jayden's lustful gaze.

"Xenia, do you want to come with me and become a member of the Di Clan?" Jayden said with a naughty smile, raising his handsome face to meet her eyes.

"Jayden! Please, have some respect for both of us and watch your mouth!" Xenia uttered in a cold, warning tone.

But in a moment, she was surprised to find that her body began to feel a bit soft and limp. What was worse, the spiritual energy inside her body seemed to be draining. She then felt very hot and uncomfortable.

"Something seems to be wrong!" Ricky said, observing from afar.

"Ha-ha. Xenia, you're feeling very different right now, aren't you?" Jayden laughed fiendishly, noticing that the drug had begun to take effect.

"You drugged

Fiercely, she fixed her eyes on Ricky.

The three snow-white tails swaying in the air began to approach him, trying to wrap themselves around him.

Despite Ricky's strong will and presence of mind, he had been totally stunned by what he saw, failing to snap back to reality even when the three snow-white tails reached him.

But Xenia's power seemed to ebb suddenly, and the three tails quickly withdrew. Xenia rapidly regained her original form.

But now, the drug's effect overcame her again, and Xenia convulsed in the snow.

"Oh my God! It's so terrible!" Ricky uttered with fear, clutching his chest as soon as he came to his senses.

Staring at Xenia's pitiful form with horror in his eyes, he became vigilant.

When he heard Xenia groan in torment, Ricky slowly approached her.

Sensing Ricky, Xenia mustered up her strength, desperately scratching his body. Deep inside the drugged state she was in, she was still fighting.

However, now she had lost her power, so Ricky succeeded in blocking her futile attempts.

"Oh dear. I've heard that the only way to stop the effects of such a drug is to have sexual intercourse. Otherwise, her meridians might crack and she might die, ' Ricky mumbled reluctantly at the sight of Xenia, curled up on the ground so pitifully and helplessly.

Without thinking about it, his eyes lingered on her.

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